Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Creating A Photography Portfolio Website: The Missing Manual

Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Creating A Photography ...

Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | For every member of the design industry, whether it’s designers, photographers or developers, the portfolio is a vitally important tool when it comes to getting new clients or changing jobs. There’s nothing more crucial to your career than presenting the best examples of your work in an appealing, professional and accessible way. Even if your work is absolutely brillinat, it won’t speak for itself if the presentation isn’t just as strong. How much time do you spend working on your portfolio? Be honest – does it showcase your best stuff?

Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Website Design –

You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there; and if you’re a taking your photography business seriously, then it’s vital that you have a well-designed portfolio website. Your portfolio is the showcase of your work, your skills, talent and personal style, as well as your potential for your future clients. The more time and effort you put into a usable and an appealing design, the higher your chances are for getting better account balance at the end of the month.

Avoid Information Cramming | Actionable Portfolio Design Tips

There is an issue of wanting to say too much in too little space when building your portfolio. There is a balance that has to be achieved with how many pages deep you have users clicking for more information and how much information you try to fit on a single page. Keeping every element of your portfolio simple and intuitive is so important that it even makes your website looks like it’s not something designed by amateurs, which would pretty much burns out your reputation before the potential clients even view your works. You’re less likely to go wrong if you keep things simple and organized – and you can apply this mindset to all pages of your portfolio.

Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Creating A Photography ...

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Be Sure To Provide Ease At Use | Actionable Portfolio Design Tips

Try to look at your portfolio as a potential client would look at it. The content should be really easy to access and simple to browse without any confusing or disturbing buttons, pop-ups, shiny banner or even complex website layout which can be hardly understood at once. It’s a matter of numbers. If a large number of people coming to see your portfolio have difficulty navigating through it, your portfolio definitely won’t meet its goals.

Include Your Contact Information | Actionable Portfolio Design Tips

This is one of the most essential elements of a portfolio website but is often hidden or even forgotten. A potential client has browsed your website, is impressed with your portfolio and can see who you are. Now they want to hire you. It’s a fact that by including your contact into your portfolio website, you will increase the chances of getting work from the potential clients. To make their life even easier, it is better to put your contact information on each page, be it on page header or footer, so that they can access the contact easily without going here and there.

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Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Creating A Photography ...

Target Your Market | Actionable Portfolio Design Tips

Your portfolio has to appeal to your target demographic, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding shoot, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio gives off the wrong feel, you won’t get any of the clients you want. If you are looking to land corporate clients in a conservative industry than present them with work that is clean, elegant, and looks successful. Don’t showcase edgy, grungy, or arty images. At the same time though, if you mainly shoot fashion photography, chances are you shoot hip, trendy people and that is what your target demographic is looking for. Have your portfolio convey that.

Actionable Portfolio Design Tips | Website Design –

Narrow Down Your Choices Of Images | Actionable Portfolio Design Tips

Although you may have a large collection of images you want to share in your portfolio, try to limit your selection to the stronger examples of your work. Too many images in your portfolio can increase load times, and overwhelm the visitor with too many options. It can make your portfolio feel like it is dragging on and on. Resist the temptation to bulk out your design portfolio with old or irrelevant examples of your work by having a thorough and ruthless clear out. And don’t leave this until it’s unavoidable.

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