Affordable Branding Tricks | Starting A Photography Business? Here’s How To Brand It On The Cheap

Affordable Branding Tricks | Starting A Photography Business? ...

Affordable Branding Tricks | Even though many business owners are catching up and realizing the importance of branding, majority of entrepreneurs, especially when just starting out, mistakenly believe that branding is something reserved exclusively for million-dollar ventures. Photographers, of course, are no exception. However, even the photographers that do realize the effect a solid brand can have on their businesses don’t always know how to build a brand that not only accurately represents their business and their creative vision, but also gets them booked solid. We’re here to change that!

Affordable Branding Tricks | Website Design –

While you don’t have to blow your entire budget on building a brand that stands out, it’s definitely a multifaceted effort that requires some business-savvy insight, a detailed plan, and just a pinch of creativity. If you think that branding is about creating a logo and calling it a day, you’re up for a rude awakening. Yes, your logo is the face of your business, but designing a logo is just the first step on your branding journey. So, what are some of the other important brand elements you need to stand out from the crowd of shooters? Read on to find out!

Take Advantage Of The Power Of The First Impression! | Affordable Branding Tricks

The photos you take will be the truest representation of you as an artist, there’s no denying that. However, the problem is that your work won’t be the first thing many potential clients see – it’s your logo! And since your logo will be the very first impression, you need to make sure it leaves a lasting and a favorable impression on your target audience. Not only that, but you need to make sure it is unique in order to stand out in a saturated industry, and that it transcends paper. If you want to find out more about versatility, make sure to check out our previous post.

Affordable Branding Tricks | Starting A Photography Business? ...

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If you haven’t already, you’ll need to take some time to come up with a name for your business. Even though many companies use only a graphic (think Twitter, or Starbucks), you’ll want to include the name in your logo. Companies like Twitter have already invested ridiculous amounts of money, time, and effort into branding before being able to drop the name from the logo. Chances are, you don’t have millions of dollars for marketing (Just yet!), so cover your bases, come up with a name and include it in your logo, whether you decide to use your own name or come up with a unique for your business.

Know Yourself! | Affordable Branding Tricks

Before branding your business, you need to determine whose attention you’re trying to grab if you want to ensure optimal results. While you may be tempted to target pretty much anyone looking for a photographer, keep in mind that a brand that appeals to a high-school senior won’t do you much good if you’re trying to book more wedding gigs. By clearly defining your ideal client, you’ll have a better idea of how to brand your business so that they can’t resist but book you. It’s not just the name of your business and the logo that will be affected by this, it’s your entire offer – from the services to the prices – as well as your marketing efforts.

Speak Up! | Affordable Branding Tricks

What you say is important, but don’t overlook the importance of the way you say it. Sure, you can target popular high-school seniors and offer prices that will appeal to them, but if you use a formal voice, your efforts won’t be as effective as they would if the voice was tailored for that particular demographic. We’re talking about the language and the tone you use when engaging your existing and potential clients. It’s vitally important to decide on the voice and stick with it – there’s nothing more off-putting than inconsistency.

Using a laid back tone of voice on social media, for instance, and a formal tone on your website will make your potential clients doubt your authenticity, which will most certainly negatively affect your business. However, consistency is’t important just when it comes to the voice you use online, in print, and in person – consistency is critical when it comes to any aspect of your brand, especially the visual identity.

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Affordable Branding Tricks | Starting A Photography Business? ...

Dress Up! | Affordable Branding Tricks

Just like the way you dress affects a potential client’s opinion of you, so does the way you dress up your brand. From your website and social media presence, to your business card and other marketing and stationery items, all of your materials should reinforce the nature of your brand in an impressive and consistent way. The easiest way to ensure just that is by defining your brand’s style guidelines. This short document will cover everything from the color scheme you’ll use throughout your materials, to the slightly different versions of your logo, as well as the fonts and brand-oriented words.

Affordable Branding Tricks | Website Design –

If you’re in charge of designing your materials right now, this might not sound too important, as you already know what works best for your business. However, when you decide to hire a professional designer to come up with a brochure, a new website, or any other branded material, providing them with branding guidelines will make their (and your) life a lot easier, even if they’re not too familiar with your brand.

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