Affordable Marketing Tips | What Can Kim Kardashian Teach You About Effective Marketing? Everything!

Affordable Marketing Tips | What Can Kim Kardashian Teach ...

Affordable Marketing Tips | She may just be one of many pretty faces in her family’s reality show, but Kim Kardashian always finds a way to stand out from the rest of her famous friends and relatives. From TV shows, clothing lines, perfume, jewelry, tanning products, and other paid endorsements and appearances, there aren’t many places you can go without seeing her. Whatever you think of them, their success gives us interesting insights into today’s style of marketing and brand management. So let’s take a deeper look at how they do it right, and how you could do it better.

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They might take more duck-face selfies in one day than most would in a lifetime, but you’ve got to hand it to those Kardashians… they sure know how to build a brand. Regardless of how many scandals they’ve been in, how often they’re made fun of in the news, or how much criticism follows their every move, they’ve managed to keep fans coming back for more year after year. You might think they’re all fluff, but what if we told you that the Kardashians could actually teach you a thing or two about the best ways to market your brand?

Remind People What You Have | Affordable Marketing Tips

Early on in her “career,” Kim realized what was getting her noticed (her curves) and has rarely been seen in anything that doesn’t show off her assets since. And can you blame her? As she knows, knowing in which areas you excel is vital to catching and retaining your target audience’s attention. Standing out means being different. If your brand is going to be strong, you need to be able to pinpoint what it is that makes you and your company unique. What makes you different from others in your industry? Make frequent announcements to your potential and existing clients about what they need, but also tell them what they can get from you that will help them get rid of their pain, problem, or challenge.

Affordable Marketing Tips | What Can Kim Kardashian Teach ...

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Message, Not Medium | Affordable Marketing Tips

If you feel like Kim Kardashian is everywhere, that’s because she is. Whether it’s TV or Twitter – where she earned $25K from luxury brand Armani for a single tweet – she is great at staying in the conversation. Most brands have a difficult time with this, but Kim Kardashian is literally everywhere. This is why she’s able to profit from everything from tweets to bad pop songs. When it comes to your marketing strategy, you should use every medium you can to get it out there. This means posting links to your blog posts on your own social media accounts and asking friends and followers to share as well.

Diversify Your Strategy | Affordable Marketing Tips

If ever there was a time to bet a little in a lot of places, it’s now. By investing in everything from a pop career to the credit vertical, Kardashian is minimizing risk. Small businesses too have to market themselves in many different formats. Just because your TV ads were once incredibly effective, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore other options. While you should definitely network through the tried and proven channels (LinkedIn, career fairs, networking events) think of new and different ways to get yourself out there.

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Affordable Marketing Tips | What Can Kim Kardashian Teach ...

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The Kardashians are OBSESSED with following their brand on Twitter, blogs, Facebook posts, etc. They are reading what the fans, and better yet, the “anti-fans” are saying about them. The key to any good social media strategy is being able to monitor what people are saying about your brand on social networks, through blogs, chat boards, and even in comment threads on news articles. People tend to navel-gaze and it’s very easy to get lost in your own bubble. Keeping an eye on social platforms and forums will really force you to get to grips with what your clients are really saying about your brand and your products.

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Yes, with the right combination of shaking what your mama gave you, exposure, and confidence, your content can get as much attention as a Kardashian making bad decisions on a Saturday night. So, while you’re taking a second look at those hot images of Kim on the newsstand, take a few moments to think about what her latest marketing stunt can teach you about keeping your brand’s name in lights.

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