Best Blog Design Tips | No-Brainer Design Tips For Quick Blogging Success

Best Blog Design Tips | No-Brainer Design Tips For Quick ...

Best Blog Design Tips | Most people decide whether to stick around or leave a website in the first few seconds. If you want your blog’s visitors to stay longer and read your content, your website has to able to make a great first impression. A good blog design can draw your readers in, and a bad one can turn people away even if the images or the content are perfect. In addition to the option of changing from one free theme to another, many bloggers build their own themes, make some customization to an existing theme, or pay someone else to design one for them. Even if you hired someone else to do this for you, you should still be involved in the process to make sure that you get the best possible end result.

Best Blog Design Tips | Website Design –

If you’re serious about building an audience through blogging, it’s vital to optimize your blog to convert visitors into regular readers, subscribers and even clients. When you go to a new blog, what’s the first thing you notice? Most popular blogs have a number of blog design elements in common, and we’ve got 6 tips to help you create a successful blog design.

Don’t Make It Hard | Best Blog Design Tips

The whole purpose of a blog is to provide content for visitors and subscribers to read, so naturally, you will want to make this as easy as possible. These tips will focus on some specific techniques, but they all revolve around two themes, which is reducing your reader’s effort and website performance. Visitors should be able to browse your blog without any effort at all. Many of your visitors will have a short attention span, and if your pages load too slowly, they may leave before ever seeing your blog. Adding too many widgets, plugins, large images, or videos to your blog can slow your pages to a crawl.

Best Blog Design Tips | No-Brainer Design Tips For Quick ...

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Subscription Options | Best Blog Design Tips

In order to maximize the number of subscribers that you get, you will probably want to include links to your RSS feed and to your email subscription in a visible place on the page. It is crucial to consider this before the layout is created. Most blog owners place a call to action for their newsletter signup at the top of the sidebar, which is a great idea — that’s where most visitors will expect it to be. But there is one place even more important for your newsletter call to action to make an appearance: at the very end of every blog post.

Ease Of Navigation | Best Blog Design Tips

If your visitors want to see posts from a specific date, would they know where to go? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Visitors will enter your blog from various different pages, and most of the time they will not come through your landing page. They may find one of your posts through a search engine, through a link, or through social media. So, take the time to anticipate what things your visitors might be looking for. Think of new and useful ways to organize your website.

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Best Blog Design Tips | No-Brainer Design Tips For Quick ...

Social Media Integration | Best Blog Design Tips

Most bloggers rely on social media for growing their readership base, and many attempt to optimize their pages and posts for social media traffic by adding buttons, widgets, or links to specific social media websites. Again, this is something that you will have to consider when deciding on a page layout so that the social media elements look like they belong on the page. This comes down to knowing your audience — you don’t want to overload your blog with a share button for every single network on the internet. Pick the three networks where you know your readership is most active, and add those buttons.

Best Blog Design Tips | Website Design –

Show Off Your Best Content | Best Blog Design Tips

If you have certain pages that are attracting a lot of traffic, that probably means that it has content that all your users will find useful. Make it easy for your visitors to locate that content and advertise that content well. There are many different ways to feature your best work. Which method you use is up to you, but this is something that you should think about before you start to work on the layout of your blog so that you have adequate space.

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