Best Blog Design | Create A Successful Money Making Blog Today! The Beginner’s Blueprint For Building a Blog That Converts!

Best Blog Design | Create A Successful Money Making Blog

Best Blog Design | A lot of people can make decisions about what to them is beautiful or appealing, but a pretty blog that is impossible to read, navigate, or use won’t get you far. If your blog is hard to read, cluttered, or genuinely painful on the eyes, people will leave your website and never come back. You may have a few loyal friends visiting out of sheer love for you, but if you want to grow your readership and build a larger and wider circle of readers, you’ll want to provide your visitors with a memorable and pleasant browsing experience.

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Whether you like it or not, design is a vitally important part of all the content you create, from your blog posts to your tweets. Educational and inspirational content has a powerful impact on your readers, but design plays a huge role in your blog’s performance. How your readers experience content on your website directly influences social shares, conversion rate, and even sales (if that’s your goal). Are you wondering how to launch a blog that will attract and captivate? Here are our top tips to help you get started then take your offering from interesting to inspirational.

Less Is More | Best Blog Design

Over the years, people have become pickier about the website they choose to visit. It’s no longer enough to just have high-quality content. How you present that content is just as important, so it’s crucial that you keep your blog design simple. Try not to use more than three colors, and three fonts, and pay close attention to the layout as well. With fonts; you will need a font for the heading, subheading and for the actual copy. Your main text font can then be enhanced by different weights or attributes, but keep these to a minimum for the sake of readability.

Best Blog Design | Create A Successful Money Making Blog

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Embrace White Space | Best Blog Design

Aside from effectively using padding and margins, the best way to embrace white space is to simply get rid of everything that doesn’t contribute towards achieving your goals or bring value to your content. Does your blog really need that tag cloud? No, not really. Nobody uses those. Don’t be afraid to leave some parts of the design empty where it warrants it. You should also use white space as borders to help highlight vital elements of the blog, such as your calls to action. Remember, sometimes less really is more.

Make It Readable | Best Blog Design

When choosing a basic font for things such as headings and the main copy, it’s best to go with something basic. The curly or other overly complex fonts look cute, yes, but are also harder to read. You work hard on your content, so you don’t want it to go to waste. Choosing a font that’s difficult to read if probably the quickest way to do just that. Always use simple and elegant fonts like Arial, Verdana so that everyone visiting your blog will easily understand the whole content of your page.

Simplify Navigation | Best Blog Design

If your visitor wants to see posts from a specific date, would they know where to go? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Visitors should be able to navigate your website without any effort at all, and the content should be organized intuitively. Your navigation menu should be designed to present a complete summary of your whole blog. If a new visitor lands on a page, will they be able to find pages with related topics? Does your page have the breadcrumbs to guide them?

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Best Blog Design | Create A Successful Money Making Blog

Optimize For Mobile | Best Blog Design

Another thing to keep in mind are mobile devices. It is very hard for visitors to navigate through websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. They have to zoom in to see your text at all and then constantly scroll left and right to continue reading. Or, they may not be able to zoom in at all. With three million mobile web users and counting, your design blog will be missing out on vital traffic if it’s not mobile-friendly. Work closely with a designer or a developer to help produce a design that is both eye-catching, responsive, and that loads quickly.

Best Blog Design | Website Design –

Pictures A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words | Best Blog Design

As vital as your writing and topics are for your blog, there’s no getting around the simple fact that most readers will respond to engaging visual elements. That’s why it’s so important to use appealing, bold and high-impact imagery in your blog posts. When properly optimized, pictures are SEO friendly and they make your posts more aesthetically pleasing, so don’t forget to throw in a few relevant images to keep your readers happy and engaged in the content.

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