Best Blog Designs | Stop Guessing! Design Basics Every Blogger Should Know

Best Blog Designs | Stop Guessing! Design Basics Every Blog

Best Blog Designs | The Internet, and especially the blogosphere, is a crowded place. With so many bloggers out there, it’s crucial you know how to launch a blog that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. And the essence of a brilliant blog starts with the design. Design is a vital element of all the content you create, from your blog posts to your Tweets. It’s also one of the most challenging ones, particularly for those among you who aren’t designers. However, once you realize what makes a good blog design, you can work on it yourself or find and qualify a talented designer.

Best Blog Designs | Website Design –

Your content can be brilliant, but it won’t be read unless you have set up the basics to get your visitors from point A to point B. If the experience is clunky, difficult or slow, you can bet your visitors won’t be back — even if your posts are outstanding. Your blog has to look elegant, be easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content. By focusing on these three things, you can make it much more marketable to potential readers. Here are six tips that will get you started then take your content from interesting to inspirational.

Keep It Simple | Best Blog Designs

When designing a blog, it can be tempting to go crazy. After all, you want your blog to stand out and people to remember you. Whether you’re thinking about your landing page, navigation, or content, keep it simple. Don’t make it hard to your visitors to find what they’re looking for. Instead of putting all seven services you’re offering on your home page, try including an appealing image with one call-to-action, something like “Learn more about the comprehensive services we provide.” This will probably result in a better blog, and one that is more effective at driving visitors through your conversion funnel.

Best Blog Designs | Stop Guessing! Design Basics Every Blog

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Keep It Concise | Best Blog Designs

Shorter text is easier to read, and will get your point across more quickly. See?

Embrace White Space | Best Blog Designs

A crowded page can feel claustrophobic and overwhelming, even when it’s well-organized. Having white space, or well-spaced page elements, makes those sections easily identifiable and simpler to read. In addition to effectively using padding and margins, the best way to use white space is to simply get rid of everything that doesn’t contribute towards achieving your goals. Do you really need that tag cloud? No, you don’t. Nobody uses those.

Pay Attention To Colors | Best Blog Designs

Colors are powerful. They’re magnetic and draw attention. A splash of color in the banner and little dabs of color here and there place visual markers of importance for your visitors. However, using too many colors can become a distraction, as there will be too many places for the eye to go and it can cause attention paralysis, so don’t go crazy. Keep to a simple color scheme – your blog should have a main color, a shade of grey, and a call to action color.

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Best Blog Designs | Stop Guessing! Design Basics Every Blog

Make It Readable | Best Blog Designs

On the most basic level, make your content easy to read. You want to avoid those instances in which your reader goes, “Too long, didn’t read.” That doesn’t come from the word count, that comes from the wall of text that comes from not using frequent paragraph breaks. Organize your content well! It’s also a wise idea to limit the number of fonts to no more than three: one for post titles, one for the sidebar titles, and another for the post body. Too many fonts can make a page look really cluttered. Your main text font can then be enhanced by different weights or attributes, but keep these to a minimum as well.

Best Blog Designs | Website Design –

Keep Your Design Goal-Driven | Best Blog Designs

Is the goal of your blog is to get conversions – whether that’s sales, sign-ups, or assignments? If that’s the case, then everything else comes second. You have to have a visual hierarchy that leads to a call to action. In simpler terms, feature a headline or a series of headlines that end in a call to action. Then place this call to action in the places that people see the most. If the background color of your blog is white, try using a dark background for your call to action. To make it really stand out, be sure this is the only element on the page with that background color.

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