Best Business Card Advice | Business Cards Still Matter. Here’s How To Make Yours Stand Out

Best Business Card Advice | Business Cards Still Matter. ...

Best Business Card Advice | A business card is a vital part of any good marketing plan. For its size and cost, it’s definitely the most powerful part, yet many entrepreneurs ignore the value of having a professional business card that effectively conveys their brand image. It’s usually the first thing potential client gets from you, so it’s your first chance to make a strong, positive impression on them.

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The humble business card can boast some powerful results in marketing your business, if you design it with care. Since your card will stay with your client long after your meeting’s over, think of your business cards as your unsung sales force; they have to convey your business and your product the way you would. In fact, this little card leaves as much of an impression as your personal appearance – the suit you wear, or the briefcase you carry. With so many business cards being handed out, it’s crucial to have one that will stand out among the rest. Following these simple tips will help you design a unique business card that will be remembered even in the largest pile.

Information | Best Business Card Advice

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when designing their business cards is the tendency to leave off important information. Clients will want to know all the ways of getting in touch with you. What’s most important? Your name certainly has to be there, along with the name of your company, your phone number, and your e-mail address. Of course, it’s vital to have your email address on your business card, but include your Twitter handle or LinkedIn page details on there too. That way, someone might follow you, and also be reminded of your business every time you share a tweet. Plus it means it doesn’t matter if they lose your card, because they can just reach you through social media.

Best Business Card Advice | Business Cards Still Matter. ...

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Brand | Best Business Card Advice

Your business card has to communicate more than just your contact information. Make sure that your business card includes a tag line that effectively communicates what you do, and what your business is all about. A business card portrays your brand by introducing brand elements, such as logo, colors and fonts. It is critical for your business card to be consistent with your other branded marketing materials.

Size | Best Business Card Advice

If you’ve ever thought about making your business cards bigger, smaller, or even a fancy die cut to stand out from your competition, there are advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. The typical business card size is 3.5” x 2” — which means wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this size. When handing out business cards, you want to make sure that the potential client you give it to will hold on to it. While it is important to keep your card unique, you do want to be sure the card fits a standard business card size.

Paper | Best Business Card Advice

A business card printed on paper thinner than 300gsm looks and feels rather thin, which can make it feel tacky and cheap. Try thinking of your card as you would a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card? Your business card may sometimes be the only impression people will have of your business, so you don’t want to have cards that seem to be anything less than professional.

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Best Business Card Advice | Business Cards Still Matter. ...

Font | Best Business Card Advice

Use font sizes that are big enough to be read without using a magnifying glass. Be sure the font color stands out against the background of the card as well. Light gray font on a white card makes it hard to read letters and numbers. Anything smaller than 8 pt may look okay on your monitor, but may be printed as a fuzzy, smudged-out line. You could also try to emphasize your name or critical contact information by making it slightly bigger, or bolder than the rest of your information.

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QR Codes | Best Business Card Advice

QR codes (quick response codes) are bar-code like squares that can be read by smartphones that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more. The beauty of having one on your business card is it can take the recipient straight to your website without them even having to type in your URL.

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