Best Business Card Designs | Your Business Card Is The Face Of Your Brand. Make It Stand Out!

Best Business Card Designs | Your Business Card Is The Fac...

Best Business Card Designs | As wired-in as most of us are, chances are you still come back from a networking event, or a meeting with a stack of business cards in your wallet. Look at the pile on your desk, the one in your drawer, or the stash in your briefcase. Business cards, in all sizes, shapes and colors, are everywhere! In a world where LinkedIn has replaced the Rolodex, and we have access to far more powerful tools of connectivity, why does the paper card survive?

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In a world of invisible digital info flying through the air from a smartphone to a tablet, or to a computer and back, it’s nice to know that a small, physical object you can see and touch is still important: the business card. Your business card is often the first interaction someone will have with your business, so it’s important that it leaves a good impression. Mediocrity doesn’t help here; it is vital to make your business card jump out from all of the other cards. Below are some tips you can use in order to make your business cards truly stand out.

Branding | Best Business Card Designs

Remember that the card is roughly seven square inches of billboard space that has to, not only give people all the ways to reach you, but also impress them enough to make them want to get in touch with you. Design a personalized business card to match your brand! This means not getting sucked in by free or inexpensive business card template offers online. Design a card that’s visually representative of your business, with your own logo, and other brand elements.

Best Business Card Designs | Your Business Card Is The Fac...

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Color | Best Business Card Designs

Colors have always been a great marketing tool. Color helps grab the attention, it makes people pay closer, and it may just be refreshing to look at, compared to dull white materials. Have a specific color scheme to your website? Love a specific color combination? As long as it doesn’t hurt the eyes, let your business card build your personal brand in a memorable way through color.

Material | Best Business Card Designs

Touch is an underrated sense, especially in today’s digital world. If you want a business card to really stand out, go beyond flimsy cards, and pick something better. By spending a little more on high-quality elements, such as handmade or textured paper, or embossed print, you can convey an image of quality that makes your business cards, and your brand, unforgettable. You don’t have to stick to just paper, either. Unique materials are where your business cards can really stand out. An eyeglass maker could use a clear plastic card with their logo and contact information screen printed on it, or you could use cardboard or recycled paper for an environmentally conscientious company.

Shape | Best Business Card Designs

Just like color and material, the shape of the card can be a “wow” factor too! This is an opportunity for you to go the extra step in creativity, and give your potential clients an instant message of what your business provides in an interesting way. Some people use rounded corners on their business cards, but with die-cut printing, almost any shape is possible. You can do just about anything that you want, just make sure that it looks good, and that it makes sense for your business.

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Best Business Card Designs | Your Business Card Is The Fac...

QR codes | Best Business Card Designs

Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most used marketing channels for many different businesses. Mobile tools, like QR codes, bridge the gap between print and online media, which creates extra interactive opportunities for your business cards. Your potential clients can have your contact information, a link to a web address, or many other things automatically go into their smartphone simply by scanning a QR code. Adding a QR code to your card can be useful only if the demographic of people you are handing them out to actually use QR codes.

Best Business Card Designs | Website Design –

Imagery | Best Business Card Designs

A simple logo is a yawner. Try using images or graphics that spark conversation and connection. Don’t be afraid to use your photo! Some people are not a big fan of this, but in certain industries it is quite useful. How many times have you looked at a business card, and not remembered the person at all? Put a face to your name.

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