Best Logo Design Ideas | Small Business Logos – Look Big, Sell Big

Best Logo Design Ideas | Small Business Logos – Look Big...

Best Logo Design Ideas | Logo design is all around us. In an age where everyone must have a website to promote their product, service or the business behind it, the demand for a high-quality logo has never been higher. Ideally, your business logo improves potential clients and business partners’ vital first impression of your business. A great logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, build a brand identity, and provide the professional look of a successful enterprise.

Best Logo Design Ideas | Website Design –

Logo designers are in high demand, and it’s for good reason — a logo is usually a company’s first impression, one that can affect a client’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward a business. More examples of logo design are out there than ever before, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. How do you designing something original that stands out in a crowd of identities? And how do you create something quickly while maintaining quality?

Start Out Right | Best Logo Design Ideas

When you’re in the market to have a new logo designed, there’s always the temptation to take some shortcuts. Usually to save time, money or a combination of both. Some wonder what’s so difficult about designing a good logo. They’re tiny, they look easy to do, so no problem, right? Trouble is, most of these ‘cookie cutter’ solutions will turn out to be neither cheap nor fast, and may cause a ton of headaches down the road. At the end of the day, there’s only one right way to design a unique and effective logo, and that’s to work with a creative professional with the experience to get your job right.

Best Logo Design Ideas | Small Business Logos – Look Big...

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Be Original | Best Logo Design Ideas

A logo is what helps a brand stand out from its competitors, so it’s crucial that the image stands out from the rest — something many brands struggle with. How is your design going to be unique when so many other logos feature the same idea? While it can be a good idea to look at logos that your competitors are using (or even people in the same industry), this should never be used as a guide to designing your logo. The idea here is to be different than your competition.

Make The Logo Readable | Best Logo Design Ideas

A logo usually becomes synonymous with the brand. Nike, for example, is known by its signature swoosh. While big businesses are identifiable by an image-only logo, small businesses shouldn’t just go with an image. The point of having a logo is to make your business or product name stick in the client’s mind. That can only happen if the client can actually read it, easily, without squinting. Use only one or two fonts. Too many fonts leads to a logo that seems like a bunch of unrelated pieces put together rather than a cohesive unit.

Color Is A Secondary Factor In Your Logo | Best Logo Design Ideas

Logo designs have to work in black and white as well as color. If your logo design uses color to convey meaning, think about how you can communicate that meaning when the color is removed. The most crucial part of your logo project is the design itself. Oh sure, it’s great to see your logo in the colors that you will eventually use, but in the first stages of any design the colors are of secondary nature. In fact, most logo design ideas start off as black and white doodles and sketches.

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Best Logo Design Ideas | Small Business Logos – Look Big...

Make It Clean And Functional | Best Logo Design Ideas

Your new logo has to be reproduced at a vast variety of sizes – especially on the smallish side. Overly complex logos can ‘gum up’ when used as a very small image. Think business card design, fax header. How about a key chain? Your logo should work as well on a business card as on the side of a truck. A good logo should be scalable, easy to print, memorable and distinctive.

Best Logo Design Ideas | Website Design –

Don’t Change (Almost) Never | Best Logo Design Ideas

Once you’ve developed your logo, it’s in your best interest to keep it. Resist the temptation to tweak it. Brand recognition takes time (some studies state that viewers have to see a logo three times – or more – before they’ll remember it the next time). Changing a logo drastically more than once (in a short period of time) may tell your audience that you’re flaky and unreliable. Not good in business.

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