Best Logo Design | How to Choose the Best Font for Your Logo Design

Best Logo Design | How to Choose the Best Font for Your Logo Design...

Best Logo Design | Very few businesses appreciate the power of selecting the right font for their logo. Most small businesses stick with whatever default selection they catch and miss out on a great chance to make their business stands out from the competition. The appearances of the font (irrespective of what the words say) provide a certain temperament and atmosphere which can alter the result of your logo. Learning to know how your font selection might make your viewers feel is another way to ensure your logo achieves the result you are going for. To get the better picture of the font selecting process, try to think about it as selecting the new music to listen to, you will go through the character of each artist and look for something unique and distinguishing that expresses your specific aesthetic taste, way of life and personal history.

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Sans-serif Fonts | Best Logo Design

If you’ve attended any print design courses you’ve undoubtedly been told that you should only use sans serif fonts for headings. Sans serif fonts are considered to be easy to read from a screen and so are very appropriate for body text. They are not quite as readable in print, so are used in headings, pull quotes and small tracts of text in magazines, books and brochures. One of the nice features of a sans serif typeface – and one of the things that makes it a flexible choice – is that it inclines to take on the characteristics of surrounding fonts. So a sans serif combined with an old style font will have an aged and classic feel. Sans serif typefaces are considered more modern and include a variety of widths and shapes.

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Best Logo Design | How to Choose the Best Font for Your Logo Design...

Serif fonts | Best Logo Design

Serif font, by typographic definition, is a font in which the built-in characters have particular semi-structural features or details at the ends of the lines or strokes that were used to outline a particular letter, number, or other character of the font. Basically, serifs are nothing but small enhancing elements of the letters. Readability studies have actually found that serif fonts are easier to read because the added strokes make each character more distinctive. More distinct letters are easier for the eye to recognize quickly. This is why Serif fonts have always been among the key choices for printing books, newspapers, and magazines. However, in electronic media, due to the specificity of identifying a text on the computer screen, it is preferred to use Sans Serif rather than Serif fonts.

Decorative Fonts | Best Logo Design

Script fonts, fonts with extreme features such as swashes or exaggerated serifs, and any fonts designed to be used at greater than body copy sizes can be labeled as decorative type. Decorative fonts, especially the more extravagant ones, can be more difficult to read. This style of type and lettering could be creative and eye-catching. As their name suggests, decorative fonts should be used for decorative or ornamental purposes. They are not suitable for using in body text.

Modify Carefully | Best Logo Design

Try not to go over-board while modifying a font or creating an original one. Be aware of the amount of text to be read, the existing space and colors etc. Typography entails everything from font choice and the color palette to layout and design incorporation. It can make or break the overall effectiveness of any communication message and directly impacts audience opinion, interest and level of engagement.Whatever it is that you are selling, the fonts that you use to make your logo and decorate your website say a lot about your product or service. It’s essential to match the fonts that you use to what it is that you want to say to your clients.

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Best Logo Design | How to Choose the Best Font for Your Logo Design...

Best Logo Design | Website Design –

If your logo includes a lot of creative elements, colors, or other things that you want people to become aware of, a plain or commonly used font could be the way to go. Remember, you can only choose the right font if you keep the nature of the content and target audience in mind. Also, following current design trends is fine for an ad that will disappear soon, but not so great for a logo that will brand you for life.

If you tie your business image to a font or style the gets over-used your brand will look inexpensive and dated in no time. If you happen to be a business that doesn’t call for that ‘official’ look, go for something friendlier. A sans-serif font allows businesses to lose that pressure that serif fonts have.

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