Best Marketing Collateral Tips | How To Win At Marketing: 5 Tips For Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

Best Marketing Collateral Tips | How To Win At Marketing...

Best Marketing Collateral Tips | When was the last time you looked at your company brochure with a critical eye? Or reviewed your business card? Assessed the design of your letterhead? Even in the internet age, printed business materials like business cards, brochures, and fliers play a big role in how people perceive your business. Marketing collateral can make you come across as a well-established expert or an untrustworthy amateur – and that can be the difference between getting passed over or landing a new client.

Best Marketing Collateral Tips | Website Design –

Collateral is often the first impression that potential clients have of a brand, so making the best impression is absolutely vital. Businesses will often be judged based on the relevancy, consistency and overall quality of the materials that businesses send to potential clients. If someone were to look at your business card, brochure, and website, would they know they were all from the same brand? Here are some of the best marketing collateral tips for planning and creating collateral that will help you close the deal.

Define Your Goals | Best Marketing Collateral Tips

First of all, you have to decide as to what exactly you want your marketing collateral to include and what it should communicate to the potential clients. Determine the goal of your printed marketing collateral and the relevant content you want to include. Just as every campaign has an objective, so too should individual pieces of marketing collateral. By defining this goal at the beginning, you can design the collateral around this concept that will actually achieve the intended goals. Every piece of marketing collateral should have a clear message that conveys a certain message to your target audience. By extension, you also have to organize your message in a way that makes sense to the recipient.

Best Marketing Collateral Tips | How To Win At Marketing...

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Don’t Forget The Basics | Best Marketing Collateral Tips

What’s the most important thing to get across in any piece of business collateral? Contact information! You may be surprised by how many people get caught up in the other elements of the design and forget this seemingly minor detail. Including your company address, phone number, email address, and any other methods of communication that you believe are important into the design of your collateral will make it easy for clients to reach you. Don’t print a fax number until you’ve checked how many faxes you actually received last year. If the number is small then consider replacing this with information about your social media profiles (your Twitter handle for instance).

Find The Right Colors And Fonts | Best Marketing Collateral Tips

Your business stationary should include color to make it stand out. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your marketing collateral is a great idea for branding purposes. The right color can be extremely powerful, by emphasizing an important area or communicating a specific idea. Color signifies quality and value in the reader’s eye and is visually appealing. Fonts should without a doubt be original and legible, but also should be professional and standard at the same time. It’s often best to stick to the basic fonts – Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Helvetica – to ensure readability. Don’t go too small, or you may find that some potential clients simply can’t read it!

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Best Marketing Collateral Tips | How To Win At Marketing...

Incorporate Marketing Collateral Into Your Digital Ecosystem | Best Marketing Collateral Tips

Almost all businesses have brochures, flyers, one-sheets, and lengthier pieces of material that they use to sell their products and services. But what if you could get more mileage out of those pieces? Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives them another opportunity to do business with you. Want a new business acquaintance or a potential client to know more about you? If she scans a code on the back of your business card, you can have your career highlights come up.

Best Marketing Collateral Tips | Website Design –

Simple Is Better | Best Marketing Collateral Tips

Creating marketing campaigns and producing beautifully designed collateral and online content is all good and necessary. When creating tools for sales, however, think simple. The right assets, graphics and text can only go so far – businesses must also arrange them in the right way. Remember, people are scanners. It’s vital to be able to hook them into your content with strong visual design. Simplify the design, remove the jargon and define clear takeaways. The goal is to encourage clients to move from one call-to-action to the next, and templates go a long way in helping brands do just that.

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