Best Marketing Tips | Marketing for Sales: 7 Fixes to Help You Close the Deal

Best Marketing Tips | Marketing for Sales: 7 Fixes to Help You...

Best Marketing Tips | Sales aren’t everything in terms of running a business, but without them you don’t have a chance of succeeding. Your ability to generate profits, get new clients, and sell more products or services is the most important element of running a successful business. In today’s world of online shopping and social connections, the market is more competitive than ever before. It is vital to find ways to stay ahead of the competition and drive more sales to your online store. But, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Best Marketing Tips | Website Design –

A website gives your potential clients a window into your business. It can also be a very effective sales opportunity if done right — but selling online involves more than just a list of products or services. The most successful business owners have realized that you do not sell a product or service: You sell the idea. These marketing tips and ideas can help anyone generate better sales results, so take a few moments to study them.

Start Taking Your Website Seriously | Best Marketing Tips

Most small businesses ignore the fact that their website is can be a 24/7, lead generating sales machine. Your website can generate high quality inquiries, leads, phone calls, and sales from interested potential clients… as long as you do it right. Your potential clients should be able to see what you’re offering, and buy without any difficulty. It’s also a wise idea that every product or service has its own page. Include a unique description of each product you sell; don’t copy and paste the manufacturer’s copy. You should also pay attention to security, delivery, customer service, keeping it updated and compliance with distance selling regulations.

Best Marketing Tips | Marketing for Sales: 7 Fixes to Help You...

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Appeal To Your Client’s Emotions | Best Marketing Tips

Effective websites appeal to a visitor’s emotions, and create an urgency to take action. When a website awes a potential client, they hold onto that feeling. Know exactly what you are selling and understand that most of the time it isn’t the product or service; it’s the emotions attached to that product or service. Evoking emotion comes from explaining the benefits that your product offers, and the actual features of your product are just the logical points people use to justify an emotional purchase.

Ask For Product Reviews | Best Marketing Tips

Reading comments from people who have actually engaged with your business is extremely powerful. Three weeks after the transaction – email your client and ask them to leave a review of the product they bought. Give a reward to your clients for leaving reviews of products on your website with a giveaway, such as “win a $200 voucher for the best review this month.” User reviews will not only give you more unique content for this product page, but will help to push other people over the buying tipping point.

Encourage Client Referrals | Best Marketing Tips

Dogs may be man’s best friend. And diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. But client referrals are a company’s best friend. Offer discounts on future purchases or even commission, if your existing clients bring in new clients. Word-of-mouth recommendation is the most efficient form of marketing, so surpass customers’ expectations where possible.

Get In The News | Best Marketing Tips

Try to get coverage in your local paper or trade press. The more influential and relevant the endorser is to your brand, the more powerful the social proof. Make sure to include “as seen in” and “as seen on” information on products that have been featured in this way. You will need a newsworthy story, or you could put yourself forward as an expert to comment on your industry.

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Best Marketing Tips | Marketing for Sales: 7 Fixes to Help You...

Invest Daily in Your Social Media Presence | Best Marketing Tips

Today’s buying process has gone social. Consumers love to share their new purchases on Facebook, save favorite products on Pinterest, and see fun photos of their favorite brands on Instagram. Use Twitter to promote sales, products or services, and utilize hashtags so that potential clients can find your sale or topic. Don’t ignore LinkedIn either. First and foremost, LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals, so the likelihood, especially if you’re trying to do business with other companies, that you’re dealing with people in your target audience is higher than some other channels.

Best Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Show The Product | Best Marketing Tips

When you visit a physical store, perhaps a grocery, you can look at, examine and sometimes even taste the products on sale. You make your purchasing decision based on the information you gather there. When you sell services or products online, you should do exactly the same thing: show the product. The images must be high quality – this cannot be emphasized enough. You should also make sure you include multiple images for each item, containing alternate views, style, and shots of different colors of the same product, as well as editorial-style images.

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