Best Online Portfolio Tips | Small Business – Big Vision: Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

Best Online Portfolio Tips | Small Business - Big Vision: ...

Best Online Portfolio Tips | You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there; and if you’re a photographer, developer, writer, or any other type of creative, then it’s critical that you have a good portfolio website. Why is it so vital to have a portfolio? Whether physical or online, your portfolio is your career calling card. The truth is that most potential clients only believe what they see, and your photography portfolio is the visual proof of your skills, style, and personality.

Best Online Portfolio Tips | Website Design –

In today’s digital world, hard-copy collections are no longer enough; photographers need online portfolios that showcase their best work for others to discover and explore in real time. Is 2015 the year that you’ll finally get more clients, or land your dream job? It could be! With a little effort, your online portfolio could get you the attention you deserve, and open some new doors. How can photographers design a portfolio that stands out and gets them noticed?

Take A Step Back, And Curate Your Best Work | Best Online Portfolio Tips

Take the time to look at all of your work and deliberately choose the best pieces for your portfolio. To a potential client, you as a photographer are often only as good as your portfolio. They’re checking your work out for the first time, and if you don’t impress them enough, you won’t get their work. Choose at least five projects so you can showcase the breadth of your work, but be selective. Remember, it’s always a better idea to have a portfolio of a few projects that are great than dozens of projects where some of them are just okay.

Best Online Portfolio Tips | Small Business - Big Vision: ...

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Stick To Simplicity | Best Online Portfolio Tips

Less is more. Keeping every element of your portfolio simple and intuitive is vital; it will make your website look like it’s not something designed by an amateur, which pretty much burns out your reputation before the potential clients even look at your works. While you can certainly have a portfolio that’s visually interesting and aesthetically appealing, it has to complement your work and help push it to the forefront of your potential clients’ minds. If it doesn’t do that, then it’s not helping your business or your art.

Be Fast And Easy | Best Online Portfolio Tips

Try to look at your portfolio as a potential client would look at it. The content should be really easy to access and browse without any confusing or disturbing buttons, pop-ups, shiny banner or even complex website structure which can be hardly understood at a glance. People tune out quickly; whether or not that’s fair is a different issue, but the truth is, we have short attention spans these days. For this reason, make certain that whatever content you post on your online portfolio loads quickly, as visitors will decide whether or not to view it in 5 seconds or even less.

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Best Online Portfolio Tips | Small Business - Big Vision: ...

Intuitive Navigation | Best Online Portfolio Tips

Complex navigation may confuse the potential clients and even irritate them so your works might just be ignored by them. That said, you should make your portfolio works like what common people expect to be intuitive and convenient. Make sure the basics of getting to your work, your contact information, and other essential parts of your portfolio are simple and easy to use. Potential clients shouldn’t have to think too much to get from point A to point B. If your website is too hard to use, your users will be easily turned off and will produce more negative feelings towards your work. Rethink your navigation, making it as easy and natural as possible to use.

Best Online Portfolio Tips | Website Design –

Contact information | Best Online Portfolio Tips

So, a potential client likes your work. How do they get in touch? It’s a fact that by including your contact into your portfolio, the chances of getting work from the potential clients will increase. To make their life even easier, it is better to put your contact information on every page, be it on page header or footer, so that they can access the contact easily without going here and there. You can also use a form to make it easier for users to contact you (so that they don’t have to take down your email address and then open up their email manager). A form also enables you to ask for specific information, such as name, email address, website URL, details of inquiry.

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