Best SEO Practices | The Essence Of SEO: What Is High-Quality Content?

Best SEO Practices | The Essence Of SEO: What Is High...

Best SEO Practices | Google and other search engines make roughly around 500 – 600 updates to their search algorithms every year. With so many changes, it’s easy to let your website slip through the cracks, and fall through the rankings, which can affect your website’s overall performance. Being on top is always a wise goal, but gone are the days when aiming for that elusive number one spot was your primary target. The effort needed to get a single website to the top ranked position is usually better spent working on boosting performance of your website.

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Content is king, there’s no question about it. You’ll hear that phrase over and over again when it comes to best SEO practices. SEO copywriting has traditionally been about optimizing web page text by targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities. Without SEO your content may be lost somewhere on page 50 of the search results; and we all know traffic on those pages is less than impressive. Likewise, your first page ranking can only do so much if your content doesn’t meet your visitors’ expectations. Although there are a few “quick fixes” in optimizing your web pages for search engines, most of the gains come from an investment of time on a regular basis to add relevant content and improve your website.

Content Quality | Best SEO Practices

Are you producing quality content? If you’re selling something, do you go beyond being a dull brochure with the same information that can be found on hundreds of other websites? Write more completely: research a topic in depth and anticipate your client’s needs. The richer you can make your page contextually, the more material you provide to search engines to understand what the page is about. This also gives you more long-tail opportunities. Ask yourself, do you offer real value, something of substance to visitors, that is unique, different, useful, and that they can’t find anywhere else? Creating content that is well-written, based on research, and interesting to your target audience will prompt other websites to link to your page.

Best SEO Practices | The Essence Of SEO: What Is High...

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Keyword Research | Best SEO Practices

Maybe the most crucial SEO element, after writing great content, is good keyword research. You want to write content using the right keywords, the actual search terms your potential clients are using, so you can create content that effectively “answers” their search query. Use relevant, keyword rich phrases in your headlines, as well as throughout your content, to let both your visitors and the search engines know what your post is about. However, be careful – too many keywords will not only turn off your visitors, but can result in search engine penalties for keyword stuffing.

Content Engagement | Best SEO Practices

Quality content should produce meaningful interactions with visitors, because search engines will track this engagement. Write content that grabs your target market’s attention or answers your potential clients’ questions. Not all posts need to be specifically about your product or service, but they all should be related to your industry. How long do users stay on your website? Did they search for something, enter your website, but then immediately “bounce” back to the result page to go somewhere else? That “pogosticking” behavior can be measured by search engines, and will be a sign that your content isn’t relevant, or interesting.

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Best SEO Practices | The Essence Of SEO: What Is High...

Write Headlines That Pack A Punch | Best SEO Practices

You have a very short amount of text to leave a great impression. So don’t underestimate the power of interesting headlines! Your heading is telling your visitor what your content is about, and including your keywords in the heading provides a SEO benefit as well, as long as it is done naturally. There is no need to stuff a heading with too many target keywords. Use it once, and only if it can be used naturally. You should also make sure your meta descriptions are interesting and further elaborate on the topic of your article. Keep in mind that your title and meta description are what show up in the search results, so make them count!

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Images Count | Best SEO Practices

SEO strategy can be juiced up just by spending time creating eye-catching, high-quality images. Make your posts pop with images! People are visual. Adding an image along with your blog post can make a big impression. It is always a good idea to include a SEO friendly title and description in your images. Image search is becoming more popular, so there is absolutely no reason that you should ignore optimizing your blog post images.

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