Best User Experience Websites | 4 Steps to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Best User Experience Websites | 4 Steps to Improve Your Website's...

Best User Experience Websites | User experience is key for small and start-up businesses since the website is their first impression to visitors and potential customers. This first appearance matters when it comes to directing future traffic and business to your product or service. A website should accommodate the average user’s aspiration to find information and complete tasks speedily. Websites that are slow or that have a puzzling interface are annoying, and the majority of internet users have no patience for poor user experience. When user experience and marketing work together for your brand, you routinely differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as give your brand a competitive lead. Spurring on from your content customers, a great user experience is what will keep them return to your website. Put simply, if a user has a poor experience they aren’t very likely to return, and the mediocre experience leaves the door open to competitors to offer a better solution.

Best User Experience Websites | Website Design –

Improved Calls to Action | Best User Experience Websites

Just like physical objects in the real world, digital objects on a computer screen offer certain clues as to how we can interact with them. Buttons look like they can be pressed, handles look like they can be pulled and links look like they can be clicked. These clues are called ‘affordances’ and are one of the most significant usability considerations. Color can be utilized to help balance the dimension of your buttons. For bigger buttons, pick a color that’s less noticeable within your design (but still stands out from the background). For a smaller button, you may want to pick a brighter, distinct color to really make the button pop. When it’s exceptional, the road is paved for your customers to keep reading your content, which will boost the chances for them to perform an action.

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Best User Experience Websites | 4 Steps to Improve Your Website's...

Defined Website Goals | Best User Experience Websites

Make a list of the goals of your website. Write down your goals and then show it to someone and talk about it whether it’s a web designer, a partner, someone in your marketing section or even a customer or good friend. Imagine that you can have no more than one action on the website. What would it be? That’s your website goal. Beyond this description, only you can illustrate what exactly you want your website to do or have other people do something on it. Make sure you’ve got a good understanding of your business’ objectives, and that you can align your website with these goals. It’ll keep you on track, and get you the great outcomes that you want your website to deliver.

Clickable Logo | Best User Experience Websites

You find yourself on a new website, browse a bit and then make a decision you’d like to go back to the homepage and you try clicking the logo and nothing happens? The homepage can be a safe shelter and a place to regroup or explore, but let’s not give it too much acknowledgment. Sometimes going back to the homepage isn’t a soothing experience, it’s through pure frustration or defeat that you can’t figure out where you are or where you are going. By making your logo clickable means that the user can go back to your home page when they’re ready. Otherwise they will have to look around for a home button, hit the back button more than a few times, type the address into the address bar again, or leave the site altogether.

Increase Website Speed | Best User Experience Websites

Page loading time is clearly an important part of any website’s user experience. And many times we’ll let it slide to accommodate better aesthetic design, new effective functionality or to add more content to web pages. There are many benefits to having a faster website, including a better user experience and better search engine rankings. Many studies report that 40% of visitors will leave your website if your webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load. Also, if your website runs a content management system, it’s possible that every time a visitor lands on your website, a database needs to be queried in order to return the website. This additional step can add time to your load speed. When doable, consider caching options that will load your website as a static page from the information in the database.

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Best User Experience Websites | 4 Steps to Improve Your Website's...

Best User Experience Websites | Website Design –

Similar to the fact that simple navigation makes it easier for users to decide what to do, simplicity in your entire website design keeps users from being overwhelmed with information. The most valuable ideas you’ll get will come from testing, and from your users themselves. The important thing is to be open to modification and improvement.

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