Blog Design Essentials | How To Set Up A Blog Your Readers Will Love! – 6 Factors to Consider When Designing Your Blog Theme

Blog Design Essentials | How To Set Up A Blog Your Reader

Blog Design Essentials | With so many bloggers out there, it’s crucial to make sure you know how to launch a blog that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. And the basics of an effective blog start with the design. Educational and inspirational content will have a huge effect on your audience, but design plays a vitally important role in your blog’s performance. How your readers experience content on your website directly affects social shares, newsletter subscribers and even sales (if that’s your goal).

Blog Design Essentials | Website Design –

The first thing your readers see when they visit your website has to be eye-catching and engaging. It has to be appealing, creative, and clever. But more than that, your blog design should speak to your target audience. Blog design can be as simple as applying a free theme and installing a couple of widgets. But if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out for all the right reasons, the first step is understanding the principles of good design.

Keep Things Simple | Blog Design Essentials

When setting up a blog, it can be tempting to go crazy. After all, you want your blog to stand out from the crowd and people to remember you. How bad can a rainbow of colors and a plethora of fonts be? The answer is: very much so! Keep in mind that your visitors should be able to browse your website without any effort at all, and content should be well organized. In order to do this, you will have to anticipate your visitor’s needs. You should not expect them to make the effort to understand how your website is structured. Also, don’t be afraid to leave some parts of the design empty where it warrants it. Remember, sometimes less really is more.

Blog Design Essentials | How To Set Up A Blog Your Reader

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Simplify Navigation | Blog Design Essentials

If your visitor wants to read posts from a specific date, would they know where to look for it? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Successful blog navigation maintains the emphasis on content by directing your visitors to important blog categories and a list of popular psots. A small callout to the product can be present but not as emphasized as other elements. Your blog logo should also be clickable and lead back to your home page. This is crucial for new visitors who won’t have your home page in their history.

Choose The Right Fonts | Blog Design Essentials

You work hard on your content, so you don’t want it to go to waste. Going with a font that’s difficult to read if definitely the simplest way to do just that. Use easy to read fonts for simple and effective graphic design. The eye finds it hard to scan different fonts, so stick to a simple collection of fonts. Choosing a font that goes well with the message you are trying to communicate is just as important asthe message itself.

Make It Responsive | Blog Design Essentials

With three million mobile users and counting, your blog will be missing out on crucial traffic if it’s not optimized for mobile devices. Work closely with a designer or a web developer to help create a design that is both eye-catching and functional. It is very difficult for visitors to navigate through websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. They have to zoom in to see your text at all and then constantly scroll left and right to continue reading.

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Blog Design Essentials | How To Set Up A Blog Your Reader

Include Great Images | Blog Design Essentials

As important as your writing and topics are for your blog, there’s no getting around the simple fact that most readers will respond to engaging imagery. That’s why it’s so important to include stunning, bold and high-impact graphics and images in your blog posts. If you can’t afford a professional photo shoot, there are many photography and editing tutorials online that will help guide you through the process. Take a lot of photos at one time, edit them and then use them for your content over a month or even several months.

Blog Design Essentials | Website Design –

Make Your Calls To Action Stand Out | Blog Design Essentials

Is the goal of your blog to get conversions – whether that’s sales, sign-ups, or inquires? If that’s the case, then everything else comes second. You have to have a visual hierarchy that leads to a call to action. In simpler terms, feature a headline or a series of headlines that end in a call to action. These design features elevate their positions in the visual hierarchy of the page, making it one of the first things the visitor sees when his eyes scan the screen.

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