Blog Design Made Easy | How To Become A Rockstar Blogger: 5 Design Tips To Make Your Blog Stand Out

Blog Design Made Easy | How To Become A Rockstar Blogger: 5 Design ...

Blog Design Made Easy | Informative and interesting content has a powerful effect on your visitors, but design plays a vital role in your blog’s performance. How your readers experience content on your website directly affects social shares, newsletter subscribers and even sales. If you want your visitors to stick around for longer and actually read your content, you need your blog to leave a great first impression, otherwise they may abandon it altogether. In other words, your blog should look elegant, be easy to navigate, and feature useful and informative content.

Blog Design Made Easy | Website Design –

Blog design can be as simple as buying and applying a theme and installing a few widgets. But if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, the first step is understanding the principles of good design. While a fair amount of the design will be driven by your personal preferences and style, there are a few web design best practices you should try to follow and some common mistakes to avoid. Keeping these vital factors in mind can ensure that your blog is designed to provide the optimal browsing experience and keep readers coming back for more.

Ensure Readability | Blog Design Made Easy

Readability is the most crucial aspect of a great blog design. Be sure your background color is well-matched with your text color. Be creative, but try not to use light text on a dark background, because it’s more difficult to read. Also, dark text on a white background is more conventional and most legible. You should also find easy to read fonts for simple and effective graphic design, and keep in mind that the eye finds it hard to read multiple fonts, so stick to a simple collection of two to three fonts. Left-aligned text is the best option for the content text, since the eye naturally moves from left to right.

Blog Design Made Easy | How To Become A Rockstar Blogger: 5 Design ...

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Make It Easy To Share | Blog Design Made Easy

The conversion goal for your blog isn’t only to convert visitors into subscribers, or subscribers into paying clients. You also want your visitors to share and spread your content throughout social networks. If your blog doesn’t have social share buttons, making this small change can have an important impact on your blog’s marketing power. Making it easy for readers to share your content with the world is a great way to increase your reach and establish authority and influence in your area of expertise.

Simplify Navigation | Blog Design Made Easy

Visitors should be able to browse your website without any effort at all, which means the content should be organized intuitively. If your reader wants to check out posts from a particular date, would they know how to find them? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? When you post content, give your readers the chance to delve deeper into your blog. Offering related content and uncluttering your navigation bar encourages your readers to stick around and read more.

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Blog Design Made Easy | How To Become A Rockstar Blogger: 5 Design ...

Include Great Images | Blog Design Made Easy

As important as your content and topics are for your blog, there’s no getting around the simple fact that most readers will respond to engaging visual elements. That’s why it’s so important to use beautiful, bold and high-impact imagery throughout your blog. However, you should try to make the width of your images the same as the width of your main content area. This looks much cleaner than having a bunch of images of various sizes. When something sticks out, your readers will definitely notice it. And when a picture or text sticks out from the rest of the column, it looks like a mistake and it becomes a distraction.

Blog Design Made Easy | Website Design –

Include High-contrast Calls To Action | Blog Design Made Easy

If the background color of your blog is white, try using a dark background for your newsletter signup box. To make it really stand out, be sure this is the only element on the page with that background color. A splash of color in the banner and little dabs of color here and there put visual markers of importance for your readers. You should also try to maintain a consistent design in your call-to-action buttons. This helps your visitors find what they’re looking for, and, if they see the same button three times on a page, they’ll notice it and think, “I should probably click that.”

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