Boost Business Productivity | How To Get More Out Of Your Day: Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners

Boost Business Productivity | How To Get More Out Of Your ...

Boost Business Productivity | Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of being able to hire more people, or bringing in business consultants to boost productivity. As a business owner, this means you have to find ways to improve the productivity of your current work force. Sometimes the tiniest changes to your day-to-day routine can make the biggest difference. We can all boost productivity by saving just a small amount of time on some every day tasks, or by becoming a little more organised in the way we work.

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With late nights, early mornings, and multiple hats to wear, most small business owners would love to add more hours to the day. In fact, one in four small business owners believe an extra hour in the workday would be worth more than $500, according to a recent survey. However, successful entrepreneurs know the key to boosting business productivity can be through the smart use of available resources. Working smarter, rather than harder, can offer the biggest potential for growth and profit.

Improve The Work Environment | Boost Business Productivity

Clear the decks, and get your desk organized. With too much stuff on your desktop, and everything piling up, work can become distracting. Yes, it sounds simple, but it is often a step that most people skip when they are feeling the pressure of too many things to get done. Productivity can also be directly linked to a healthy work environment, but a healthy work environment doesn’t just mean proper lighting and ventilation — it can also be the atmosphere of respect, collegiality, and mutual support. A happy office is an effective office, so look for opportunities to lighten up the work environment. Advocate for an open-door policy in which your employees will feel free to talk about their concerns, or offer ideas.

Boost Business Productivity | How To Get More Out Of Your ...

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Start The Day With A Plan (A Real One) | Boost Business Productivity

It may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t use a calendar to organize their daily tasks. Set appropriate reminders for every task, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes’ notice. This means that you know when you have a new task, or a meeting coming up, so you can wrap up what you’re doing, and move on. How many days have flown by when, despite feeling rushed and stressed all day, you can’t say what you’ve accomplished? That sensation comes from a lack of prioritizing! Being organised saves a lot of time in the long run, and is great practice for increased productivity.

Be Strong With Distractions | Boost Business Productivity

Get clear on what is distracting you. Are you being interrupted by coworkers? Is it the constant ring alert from your emails? Is it hunger, and you need to take a break? Being aware of what is distracting you can be the first step to fixing it. The Internet (yes Facebook, we’re talking to you) is always ready and waiting with something shiny and interesting to entertain you, and mess with you focus. Check social media before you start working, but don’t let it distract you in the middle of a project.

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Boost Business Productivity | How To Get More Out Of Your ...

Trust Your Employees | Boost Business Productivity

Today’s workforce is highly mobile, relying on communication technologies, and other tools that allow workers to work from home, or on the road. For some managers, a reliable employee base means having the flexibility to focus on the execution of their corporate vision without the worry of handling lower-level projects, or micromanaging. Be realistic and reasonable about your own skill set, and time constraints. Make lists of all the work that needs to be done, consider whether you can do it well enough for it to be a success, and if you even have the time to make sure the important stuff is always done.

Boost Business Productivity | Website Design –

Use Technology | Boost Business Productivity

Entrepreneurs and CEOs can now start companies out of their living rooms, thanks to the internet and its many tools for managing employees. It’s worth emphasizing that your business should have the most advanced technology possible within your budget capabilities. This includes up-to-date technology for everything from laptops, to smartphones, and tablets. Motivate your employees to make use of technology, whenever possible, to save time. Tell them to send an email instead of making an international phone call that costs money.

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