Boost Customer Loyalty | So You Think You Can Brand… But Do You Know What It Takes To Keep Clients Loyal?

Boost Customer Loyalty | So You Think You Can Brand... But...

Boost Customer Loyalty | Loyal clients spend more, provide free word-of-mouth promotion, and visit more often. Yet, small businesses often focus on chasing new clients as a way to improve the bottom line. Studies have shown that it costs five times as much to attract a new client than it does to keep an existing one, because finding new clients requires spending for advertising, promotions, website maintenance and social media.

Boost Customer Loyalty | Website Design –

Why so much effort should be placed on client loyalty? It is because of the increased hype and usage of social media platforms, where a negative review has the potential to seriously damage your brand. The whole concept of word-of-mouth marketing has started making more sense with the increasing popularity of social websites such as Twitter and Facebook, making it more valuable than ever. Here are six simple ways to increase loyalty and build profits.

Respect Your Clients And They Will Support You | Boost Customer Loyalty

A recent survey shows that 71% of clients who ended a business relationship did so because of a poor customer service experience. Further research shows that clients are begging for a conversation with a real person more than ever. In a world filled with tweets, status updates and text messages, it is ironic that clients, particularly younger ones, seek human interaction as part of their shopping experience.

You must learn to thank your clients whether they’re complaining, complimenting or just advising. A simple ‘Thank You’ does wonders, but it sounds nicer when the thank you is said in a happy, and genuinely grateful manner. A smile also goes a long way. This is proven as the number one way to make sure your clients will keep coming back. In a recent research, 59 per cent of clients said that a simple smile and a friendly greeting was what made them return to small and medium-sized businesses over and over.

Boost Customer Loyalty | So You Think You Can Brand... But...

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Provide Great Service | Boost Customer Loyalty

Be quick to resolve issues your clients may run into. Not all products work perfectly, and sometimes, paid services don’t meet expectations. Accept when clients’ expectations haven’t been met, and work hard to make sure the issues are resolved to their satisfaction. When a client comes to you with a complaint or a problem, it’s the best opportunity to show flexibility or a willingness to work to a satisfactory solution. You’re also likely to find a client who has had a complaint resolved becomes even more loyal as a result. The bottom line – clients like to be listened to, respected and valued.

Challenge Your Employees | Boost Customer Loyalty

Don’t just assume your employees care about your clients; they probably don’t. It is your job to let them know that you expect them to deliver a great experience, and also help them understand that it will make their job much more rewarding. Find yourself a team that’s bulletproof when it comes down to teamwork, dedication, qualitative and quantitative data analyses. What needs to be understood is that if the customer loyalty is not tracked, the company can suffer immensely, and this is something not only you but your employees also need to understand.

Reward Loyalty | Boost Customer Loyalty

Once in a while, you should treat a loyal client with a free product or special discount just for being loyal. You’ll be surprised at the loyalty this will generate. You could follow the example of coffee chains, for example, who use loyalty cards to reward customers once they’ve bought a certain number of drinks. Offering rewards for purchases or referrals gives clients a reason to return to you – and they benefit, too!

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Boost Customer Loyalty | So You Think You Can Brand... But...

Keep In Touch | Boost Customer Loyalty

Gather contact data on your clients when you can. Reach out to them with special offers and new products and services, or just send them a birthday card. Use any excuse to keep your brand in their minds. Don’t contact them too often, however, as they will get bored of your communications. You’ll also need to ensure they have the option to ‘opt out’ at any point.

Boost Customer Loyalty | Website Design –

Manage Complaints | Boost Customer Loyalty

Feedback from clients is one of the best ways to find out what they’re happy with and what they’re not. Understanding this and making sure you overcome the bad points will keep clients returning to you. Everyone dealing with complaints, from the call centers to the branches and online support teams, will need to be prepared and as highly trained as possible. A single, integrated complaint handling system makes it much easier to have a single view of the customer – and the entire customer interaction – from start to finish.

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