Boost Website Conversion Rates | 6 Practical Design Tips For A Website That Actually Converts

Boost Website Conversion Rates | 6 Practical Design Tips For A Website

Boost Website Conversion Rates | Want to do something for your website that has killer ROI? Try conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO. If you manage to improve this rate, you will boost the revenue as well. A conversion is the most important factor to the success of your online marketing strategy and an irreplaceable tool to achieve your goals. It essentially means getting your website visitors to do what you want them to do, whether that is to make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, download a whitepaper, or simply fill out a contact form.

Boost Website Conversion Rates | Website Design –

However, conversion rate optimization is not a simple task you can do while having your morning coffee. There are entire agencies, industries, and occupations based on helping people with conversion rate optimization. Sometimes just a small tweak can lead to significant results in optimizing the conversion rates, and many small and a few big tweaks combined can bring drastic increase in your results. If you want the nuclear power of CRO, but don’t have the time that it takes, here’s what you need to do.

Conversion Funnel Made Simple | Boost Website Conversion Rates

Sometimes what kills your conversions is that you’re asking for the sale (signup, whatever) too fast. Visitors might be “just browsing”, not ready or not in a hurry to make a purchase right away. The more expensive or advanced the product or the service you’re providing is, the more time people need before they’re ready to commit. This is where the funnel comes into play. The funnel is the process of getting visitors to your site and then using various techniques to get them ready to convert into paying clients. It’s making your website work for you as a sales tool, not just an informational brochure.

Boost Website Conversion Rates | 6 Practical Design Tips For A Website

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Make Your Calls To Action Stand Out | Boost Website Conversion Rates

To make it easier for visitors to convert, try putting your calls to action (CTA) where people can see it right away — above the fold. This refers to the part of the web page that is visible when you land on it, without having to scroll. The size of your order buttons and the wording of call to action (e.g. “Join now and get access to XYZ” vs “Sign up”) can make or break your conversion rates, so make sure the call to action stands out and grabs your visitor’s attention without overwhelming or distracting them.

A/B Test Non-Stop! | Boost Website Conversion Rates

The biggest conversion insight comes through split testing. When you optimize your website for conversions, you make changes, whether it’s a bigger headline there, a nicer image here, a shorter CTA there. Then what? Do you know whether your conversion rates go up or down? Split testing or A/B testing is the process of using two versions of a website or any particular page. You give version A to a set of visitors, and version B to another set of visitors. Then, you compare the two, to see which version gave you the most conversions.

Break Up The Page With Subheads And Bullets | Boost Website Conversion Rates

A recent study found that vast majority of visitors skim, while only 16% read every word on a page. Breaking up your page content with subheads, images, and bullets will make it easier for those 79% to digest the the text on your website. Keep in mind, though, if your headline is longer than 20 words, you’ll start losing some visitors’ attention. A headline is meant to have immediate impact, so make it short. Make it easy to understand as well. Make it clear enough for a four-year old to understand it.

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Boost Website Conversion Rates | 6 Practical Design Tips For A Website

Know Your USP | Boost Website Conversion Rates

The potential of your conversion rate is affected by your unique selling point, making it the most important conversion factor. Your USP is what sets you apart in your industry. Potential clients not only want to know “What’s in it for me?” but “Why buy from you?” If a visitor goes to several websites looking for a product, why would they decide to do business with you instead of somewhere else?

Boost Website Conversion Rates | Website Design –

Audit Your Website’s Accessibility | Boost Website Conversion Rates

Making a website accessible is a legal obligation in many countries, yet you’d be surprised how many inaccessible websites are still being created. That will only negatively affect your sales, depending on how inaccessible you are, as visitors find the site impossible to use and go elsewhere. According to a recent research, 2% of adults in the US have a disability that affects their ability to use the Internet. That’s 6 million people who could benefit from your website embracing accessibility standards!

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