Brand New Branding Ideas | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online Small Business Brand

Brand New Branding Ideas | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online...

Brand New Branding Ideas | The Internet has been an incredibly powerful tool for many businesses, especially smaller ones that don’t have the marketing budget to compete with established corporations. There are countless channels to take your products and services online, with unprecedented access to your potential clients and target audience. But deciding on a marketing method, particularly when you are a small or even a mid-sized business with a limited budget and limited resources, can be challenging.

Brand New Branding Ideas | Website Design –

The benefits that a strategically defined online brand can bring are the same as when people fall in love with each other. When clients connect emotively — because they share the same values and beliefs of a brand — it leads to better sales and improved brand differentiation. However, first you need to start building your online brand by creating a solid foundation. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Define Brand Guidelines To Ensure Consistency | Brand New Branding Ideas

Consistent, strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity, which means the added value brought to your products or services that enables you to charge more for your brand than what similar, unbranded products command. Inconsistency can negatively affect your branding – at best, your brand might not stand out, but at worst, it can get you a reputation of confusion and apathy. Clear brand guidelines reinforce your company’s unique selling points and identity, enabling you to voice what sets you apart from your competition. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout.

Brand New Branding Ideas | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online...

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Create Your Personal Voice | Brand New Branding Ideas

The digital marketing age doesn’t allow any business to hide behind its name and be a faceless company. These days, it’s all about your brand’s personal voice. Keep your messages consistent by using the same voice on every platform you use – from your website to your Twitter account. It will help reinforce the business’ character and clarify its offering so your potential clients are aware exactly what to expect from the product or service. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal. You get the gist.

Build AN Effective Website | Brand New Branding Ideas

Today, pretty much everyone (or their assistants) goes online to research products and services before they decide to do business with a company, which means you have to make your online presence known. The functionality of your website has to be flawless, because if it is slow to load or too difficult to navigate, your visitors will not wait around – they’ll click off if they aren’t viewing usable content in a split second.

Add Credibility With Customer Testimonials | Brand New Branding Ideas

Make sure to capitalize on the great client relationships you already have built by gathering and sharing client testimonials and reviews on your website. A testimonial is much more than an ego boost – they have incredible power to persuade other people to seek out your business for products and services.

Leverage Email Marketing | Brand New Branding Ideas

Not everyone in your target audience is going to know where to find your website, so you need to go to them. The best way to do this is to build up a quality email list and send out emails that entice them to visit your website. Email marketing is great for engaging your clients, but you’re really limiting its potential if you keep it in a silo. So make sure to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your other marketing campaigns for maximum effect.

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Brand New Branding Ideas | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online...

Rock Your Social Media | Brand New Branding Ideas

Whether you outsource your marketing or do everything yourself, staying active on various social platforms is vitally important. Join some of the best networking websites, groups and clubs. Positive engagement on social media can improve the likelihood that viewers will find your brand likable. Social media is essentially a tool to make your brand more personable and human, and less like a faceless corporation. Social platforms such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are ideal to connect directly with the audience you need and build relationships on a global scale.

Brand New Branding Ideas | Website Design –

Don’t Get Pushy | Brand New Branding Ideas

Nothing will turn a potential client away faster than an obvious sales pitch. Consumers today are extremely wary of pushy sales tactics, so try to build a relationship with your target audience, build up the trust, and then you’ll inspire more confidence in them to consider your product before your competitors’. By providing your existing and potential clients with informative, non-salesy content that you can house on your blog, promote socially and offer to other networks to supplement their strategy, you and your team can quickly establish yourselves as experts in a desired field.

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