Branded Marketing Collateral | Do Your Print Marketing Materials Meet These Six Brand Rules?

Branded Marketing Collateral | Do Your Print Marketing Materials Meet

Branded Marketing Collateral | Your potential clients are buried under an avalanche of generic and uninteresting print materials. How can you boost your marketing collateral with simple design tricks, no matter what your budget? By building a unique visual identity. Your company’s success depends on how well you communicate what you can do for your clients. The fact is that a strong, professionally designed piece of printed collateral can make all the difference in a sale and to the overall success of your business.

Branded Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Printed marketing items are one of the oldest and most used marketing tools in business. Being one of the most economical ways, this method of marketing has the deepest penetration into the intended industry and niche in terms of promotion. Here are our top tips for designing market collateral that perfectly matches the nature of your brand, and revising the materials you already have so that they represent your business in the best possible light.

Create A Style Guide | Branded Marketing Collateral

Business identity is the “personality” of your business – the look and feel of your branding. From the company’s name and the logo to the fonts, colors, slogan — each element helps build your unique identity. Keep in mind that all your marketing pieces should send a clear, engaging message that aligns with your brand promise. This is why it’s critical to make sure each piece of collateral stays consistent in terms of style, tone, voice and design. That is why it’s important to have a style guide to ensure consistency. It keeps everyone on the same page about how every element like your logo, fonts, key graphics, slogans and brand-oriented words should be used.

Branded Marketing Collateral | Do Your Print Marketing Materials Meet

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Step Through The Process Of How Your Materials Will Be Viewed | Branded Marketing Collateral

Creating effective marketing materials requires that you completely understand the thought process your potential clients go through when viewing your content. In other words, placement and positioning of the content play a vital role. Things like how your content flows, what grabs a potential client’s attention and how quickly your content can be read all work towards successfully selling your goods or services to a client.

Develop Slightly Different Variations Of Your Logos | Branded Marketing Collateral

Each type of collateral has a different intended audience, which means that each collateral item has a slightly different goal. Your logo should stay relatively consistent across all the items, but you will probably have to develop alternative logos that fit the best on particular pieces of collateral. For instance, you might need a rectangular logo that fits on your envelope or business card or a mono and color versions.

Use Quality Base Materials | Branded Marketing Collateral

The type of paper you use contributes to how well your audiences respond to your marketing collateral. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means you have to use the best quality paper and printing that is affordable. Go for the best quality your budget allows, whether you’re investing in the stock of paper you use or the quality of video on your website or social media channels – as this all influence just how well your targets respond to your materials. If this sounds too expensive to maintain in the short term, then consider saving costs by taking advantage of things like the economics of scale by printing your materials in bulk.

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Branded Marketing Collateral | Do Your Print Marketing Materials Meet

Integrate Print and Digital | Branded Marketing Collateral

When investing in marketing collateral, it can be a wise idea to look for ways to combine your print collateral with your digital marketing efforts. Broaden your marketing reach by including website addresses and QR codes on your print marketing and promotions to drive potential clients to your digital side too. A good scenario would be a QR code that, when scanned, lets customers view a video demonstration of a product or service. Brochures can’t tell the whole story, so giving clients a chance to learn more on-the-spot can increase response rate.

Branded Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Make Sharing Easy | Branded Marketing Collateral

Ask potential clients to “like” or “follow” you on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks; then, reward them with an incentive such as a discount coupon, special access to new features, or some other valuable offer that motivates response. Referrals, social media promotion and anything else that you can think of to motivate your clients to promote your business for you will expand your marketing efforts. You’ll reach a wider audience than you did before, which translates for more opportunities to make sales.

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