Branded Stationery Design Tips | How To Build A Brand: Everything You Need To Know About Stationery Design

Branded Stationery Design Tips | How To Build A Brand: ...

Branded Stationery Design Tips | When dealing in person with potential clients or business partners, it is vital that how we look, how we talk; our manners and body language are fine-tuned to leave that right impression when it matters the most. Your printed business stationery acts in the same way. Often ignored and often your Achilles heel as a result, business stationery can be a subtle yet highly effective way of getting your message across. Invoices, letterhead, compliment slips and business cards are crucial tools to have in the locker as part of an overall communications strategy.

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Branded stationery is an excellent way for a business to leave a favorable impression on clients and business partners. When you choose stationery for your business, it is essential that you do not take that decision lightly. The paper, colors, fonts, and even the envelopes that you use for official memos and letters to clients are going to represent your company, so it is critical that you choose something that is professional and upscale.

Embellish Your Letter With A Logo | Branded Stationery Design Tips

Because your logo is the face of your business, it’s absolutely crucial to include it on your stationery items. Regardless of where you want to place the company logo on the paper, it is vital to go for a design that is simple but stands out on the paper. The logo has to be simple, effective and versatile as it will be implemented into various methods of printing and will have to be scalable to fit items as big as billboard banners and small for items like pens and business cards. Also, by including a company logo on all your professional correspondence, you will further boost brand awareness.

Branded Stationery Design Tips | How To Build A Brand: ...

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Dare To Be Different | Branded Stationery Design Tips

If you’ve seen one letterhead, you’ve seen them all, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Color is always a great tool with stationery and other branded materials – it grabs attention and makes the read all that bit more interesting, helping your stationery stand out! By being bold in your business stationery design you can make potential clients sit up and take note when they get your mail. Think carefully about your branding colors, and how you can use them in the individual stationery designs.

Contact Information | Branded Stationery Design Tips

You will want your stationery to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. As obvious as it sounds, make sure you always include contact information on your custom printing items, and you will have to choose the most appropriate and important contact details for every stationery item. Incorporating your company address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other way of communication that you think is important into the design of your stationery will make it easy for clients to reach you.

Clean Space | Branded Stationery Design Tips

Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A design that is too cluttered will distract clients from noticing the essential things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo. Try to include plenty of space between the letterhead and the start of your message and do the same for the footer of the page. Don’t become too obsessed with stuffing in all the information you possibly can. The message is key.

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Branded Stationery Design Tips | How To Build A Brand: ...

Font | Branded Stationery Design Tips

Selecting font types and colors that are easy to read is a necessity. While most business owners will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not choose illegible fonts. Your recipients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can communicate information clearly and efficiently. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable.

Branded Stationery Design Tips | Website Design –

Pay Attention To Details | Branded Stationery Design Tips

Even the smallest details can really make your stationery stand out. The effect of your stationery will be even stronger in combination with matching business cards, envelopes and print marketing materials. Whether you use elegant envelope liners or classy address labels, these additions will make a huge difference as to how customers perceive your company. Also, printing envelopes enables you to print individual addresses on each envelope, meaning that you don’t have to personalize the letters you send.

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