Branded Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About You? 6 Secrets to Great Stationery Design

Branded Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

Branded Stationery | Branding – you’ve probably heard the word countless times, but do you know what it actually means? It means that when your potential client sees anything of yours, they recognize who you are and remember what you can do for them. Your business stationery will be used for multiple purposes and will often be the initial introduction to your business, or it could be used to reinforce your brand identity. Regardless of how your stationery items are used, it’s crucial that the design is effective and appropriate.

Branded Stationery | Website Design –

Your business stationery is a first-hand representation of your business to the public, and as such, it has to communicate a consistent company message. Together with matching business cards, envelopes and printed sales materials, business stationery is designed to leave a favorable impression of the brand through intelligent usage of logo, colors, fonts and other branded elements. If you’re considering a rebrand, want to refresh your stationery items or simply want to see the savings you can make when printing such products, there are a number of design and print considerations you need to keep in mind.

Brand It With Your Logo | Branded Stationery

Since your logo is the face of your business, it should be visible throughout the marketing materials you’re sending out. Using it will boost brand awareness for your company, as well. However, logo design is one of the more challenging tasks when building a business identity. It has to be simple, effective and versatile as it will be used on various items, and will need to be scalable to suit anything from your website and letterhead to pens and business cards.

Branded Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

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Contact Information Is Vital | Branded Stationery

Contact information is a crucial part of the design of your business stationery. You should include, at bare minimum, your company name, address and phone number. Adding social media links within your contact information can be a great idea, provided that you don’t go overboard. Just stick with the basics, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to choose the most appropriate and important contact details for each stationery item, because some of them may not be big enough to include all possible means of contact.

Make Sure Everything Is Readable | Branded Stationery

While most entrepreneurs will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not choose unreadable or complicated fonts. Your potential clients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye and can communicate information clearly and efficiently, which means the text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts will keep the style consistent and the text readable.

Include Clean Space | Branded Stationery

It may be tempting to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at your business stationery design and include every possible contact detail, all the services you’re offering and even some testimonials. However, design that is too cluttered will distract clients and detract from the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo. This is best avoided however as you risk drowning your message which is the reason you’re sending out the stationery in the first place!

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Branded Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

Say It With Color | Branded Stationery

Color is always a great tool with stationery and other marketing materials – it can grab the attention and make the read all that bit more interesting! And more importantly, color signifies quality and value in the reader’s eye and is visually appealing. However, your branding strategy should be incorporated into your stationery design so that potential clients know it’s your company and understand what you can do for them. Think carefully about your brand’s colors, and how you can use them in each stationery item.

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Use High Quality Materials | Branded Stationery

Nothing will make or break your business stationery like the quality of the paper that you use. If you create a flimsy and badly designed piece of business stationery, let’s say a business card, your potential clients are likely to compare the quality of the card to the quality of your services. Bad move. Because you want the paper to leave a great first impression, you should go with a thick and glossy option. There are many different paper stocks available today, each with their own characteristics. Some are smooth and heavy, while others may have a rich texture, and choosing a glossy finish or a matte finish can be the difference in making your design pop.

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