Branding Social Media | Get Your Brand Noticed In 2015: 6 Easy Social Media Branding Tips

Branding Social Media | Get Your Brand Noticed In 2015: 6 ...

Branding Social Media | Where customers go, brands must follow, or get out of the way. Keeping brand consistency between your physical and online presence is now even more difficult with mobile devices booming and social media growing more than ever before. What message does your brand convey to socially engaged clients? Did you know that it takes at least 6-7 brand touches before someone will remember your brand? Every impression counts. As we enter the golden age of social networks, business owners can no longer afford the luxury to skip social media and stay silent.

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With the rise of social media quickly becoming a primary means of interaction, there are still plenty of companies out there struggling to create an effective social media marketing strategy. There are a few general strategies that businesses turn to when they use social media, but there are a few that fly under the radar that entrepreneurs should start using — and here are some ways to shake up your social media strategy.

Let Images Do The Talking | Branding Social Media

Up to 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so it’s no surprise that people respond well to great design. Using images as the focus of your status updates and tweets is a great opportunity to get creative. Including imagery in your content to increase shareability is a great idea — but making those visuals are branded and consistent with your creative guidelines is even better. When you create your visual content, rely less on words. Let colors, images and backgrounds take on the burden of communicating your message.

Branding Social Media | Get Your Brand Noticed In 2015: 6 ...

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Develop A Social Branding Voice | Branding Social Media

Maintaining a consistent voice, regardless of marketing channel, is crucial to your brand consistency. You want each and every of your social profiles to be unmistakably you, aligning with your values, core message and brand voice. Taking the time to identify your company’s personality traits, the reasons clients come to you, is essential to figuring out your brand voice. If you’re a fun brand, create fun content. Serious? Stay serious. It’s as simple as that. Follow through with your brand messaging and get ahead of the competition by keeping the same prices and discounts available in your store and online.

Keep Your Online Information Current | Branding Social Media

Complete 100% of your social media profiles. Filling every available field will help improve search results, build trust with visitors and search engines, share your company’s products and services and better tell the story of who you are and why you’re the best choice compared to your competitors. Make sure that your small business website and social media profiles feature the same logo, taglines, and promotional material as your brick and mortar shop. Also, keep store information like business hours, location, email address, phone number, etc. up to date.

Link Your Social Accounts | Branding Social Media

Boost your brand consistency and social branding efforts by striving to convey your company’s unique voice and message wherever and whenever your business is. Link to your website, blog and within other social networks. This will enable your potential clients and followers to find your company on whatever networks they choose. Convert Facebook fans into Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections into contacts that circle your profile on Google Plus. Then by regularly sharing on every social network, you and your business will forever be top of mind among your followers.

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Branding Social Media | Get Your Brand Noticed In 2015: 6 ...

Create Compelling Content | Branding Social Media

Think about topics related to your industry or other industries that you work with. Write articles from these industries, talk about them, and highlight the relationship. 80% of the time share your expertise in your industry by posting content like how-to’s, answers to common questions and behind-the-scene tips. This will keep your potential clients engaged with your brand and help them be more receptive when you do mention your products and services the other 20% of the time.

Branding Social Media | Website Design –

Be Human | Branding Social Media

Remember you are communicating with human beings. Just as you want to connect with the human beings within your social communities, they also want to connect with you as a human being. Use the same style of communication you would use when socializing in person. Social media offers a great opportunity for your clients and business partners to see your company’s true personality. Playing it safe guarantees nothing. Instead, take a few calculated risks that may prompt your audience to admire your company’s authenticity and laugh, smile and share.

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