Branding Success Tips | Discover The Identity Of Your Photography Business Today And Brand It For Success

Branding Success Tips | Discover The Identity Of Your Photography ...

Branding Success Tips | Branding is oftentimes defined as a marketing strategy with the goal of creating a unique, memorable and recognizable image and name for a business in a particular industry or an area. Sounds easy, right? Paste a random shape next to your name and you’ve got yourself a business logo. And if you want to take it a step further, come up with a slogan and you can call it a day? Well, not really! Branding a photography business requires a lot more than getting a cheap logo template online.

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There are countless photography businesses being launched on a daily basis, many of which will try and take over a portion of your client base. Whether you’re new to the industry, or an experienced pro looking to grow your business, you’ll need to do one thing – stand out! And a well-defined brand is what can help you do exactly that!

Benefits Of Branding Are Practically Endless | Branding Success Tips

We’re not exaggerating here when we say that benefits of a well-built brand are pretty much endless! It will not only help your potential clients remember you more easily, but it can also help you grow your business. You see, a strong branding strategy will project an image of an experienced and a reliable expert, reassure potential clients and boost recognition and loyalty. In other words, the effects of a strong brand are similar to the effects of falling in love – your clients will become loyal clients for life and spread the word about the services and products you’re providing.

Branding Success Tips | Discover The Identity Of Your Photography ...

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But What Exactly Is Branding? | Branding Success Tips

Your brand is essentially your promise to your potential clients. It’s what they can expect from working with you, what makes you different in your industry, or your particular area, and what you hope to become one day. The backbone of your brand is your logo – and the pictures you take, your website, stationery items such as business cards and thank you notes, the tone of voice you use on social media and even the way you dress for a gig reinforce your brand!

Define Your Target Audience | Branding Success Tips

The starting point of every branding strategy is the clearly defined target audience. How are you going to reach your potential clients if you don’t know who they are? Pretty much every other aspect of your business will be influenced by this – after all, you’ll create a different brand for a newborn photography business than you would for a high-end fashion photography business. Make sure you know who your ideal client is, what appeals to them, how they spend their time and money, and build a brand that will be able to stand out and grab their attention.

Cover The Basics | Branding Success Tips

Even though it will play the second fiddle to your images, a professionally designed logo is an irreplaceable element of any brand, even in the photography industry. However, getting any random logo off the Internet won’t do you much good. You need to come up with something that will appeal to your target audience, yet at the same time, convey the nature of your business. What do you want your logo to communicate about your business? Tradition, timelessness, elegance, grunge, freedom? All these, and many other features can be the central idea behind a logo, so make sure you figure out what you’re trying to communicate long before start sketching.

Keep Your Materials Consistent | Branding Success Tips

If you’re trying to build a strong brand, you need to ensure consistency throughout your materials, both online and off, so take some time to create branding guidelines – draw the colors from your logo and use them throughout your stationery items and your website, choose 2-3 fonts and use them consistently in print and online, and feature your logo on everything! At the end of the day, all of your branded materials should look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source. Which leads us to the next point: your message!

Define Your Brand’s Message! | Branding Success Tips

What is it that makes what you do different than what other photographers are doing in your area? You need to be able to pinpoint your unique selling points and find a way to communicate them to your potential clients – do you focus on fast turnaround, affordable prices, amazing editing, special lighting, or some mix of all of those?

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Branding Success Tips | Discover The Identity Of Your Photography ...

Come Up With A Voice For Your Business | Branding Success Tips

What you say is important, don’t get us wrong, but the way you say it counts just as much! Is your brand formal? Or friendly? Are you targeting newlyweds or agency owners? Figure out what tone of voice will suit your business best and use it consistently. Many photographers change the tone of their voice – going from formal on their website, to a more relaxed and laid back tone on social media. This will only confuse your potential clients and project an inconsistent image.

Branding Success Tips | Website Design –

Be True To Your Brand | Branding Success Tips

Your brand needs to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk, otherwise you’ll end up losing even the clients that you have. In other words, you need to meet and exceed your potential client’s expectations, and provide an excellent customer service from the second they decide to pick up the phone and schedule a meeting to the moment they receive their pictures through email or in the mail on a USB stick.

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