Brochure Design Inspiration | 6 Surefire Ways To Add Sizzle To Your Brochure

Brochure Design Inspiration | 6 Surefire Ways To Add Sizzle

Brochure Design Inspiration | In today’s business world promoting the products in a unique way is no longer optional, and expecting your potential clients to find out about your services on their own without any marketing from your end just doesn’t work. The best, most tested and proven, and effective tool for reaching your potential clients is a well-designed business brochure. Brochures are a popular marketing tool across many industries, regardless of whether your focus is business to business or business to consumer.

Brochure Design Inspiration | Website Design –

Marketing brochures are basically your portable salespeople. They ride along in cars, bags and briefcases to be referenced and shared with people along their travels. Each time they get pulled out they stand for your brand and company. When making a brochure for your business it’s crucial to have it look professional. Your brochure is often the first impression your business will make and you want a brochure that says you’re to be taken seriously. The following tips explain how to create a brochure that will properly represent your mission, convey what you have to offer your target audience and act as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Know Your Audience | Brochure Design Inspiration

Brochures are like any other form of marketing in that you will only get out of it what you put in. Don’t design a brochure that you and only you like; keep your target audience in mind. Analyze your customer database by taking into account as many variables as possible. How old are they? Are they mostly male or female? Are they married, do they have children, what are their main interests, what is their average yearly income, what industries are they mostly active in? It’s critical that you know who you’re writing to, because you want to use an appropriate language for the target audience and give them exactly what they want to know.

Brochure Design Inspiration | 6 Surefire Ways To Add Sizzle

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Grab The Attention | Brochure Design Inspiration

You don’t have more than 6 – 7 seconds to impress your potential clients, since the first glace at your brochure is that crucial moment for your reader to either proceed with reading it or not, and you have to use this moment the right way. If your brochure cover doesn’t instantly catch their eye and spark their interest, they won’t open and read the rest of the brochure. This can be done by using appealing colors or images in your brochure design. The headline on the front of your brochure should always include the interests and perceived problems of your targeted audience, and be followed by the solutions you are offering.

Interesting Content | Brochure Design Inspiration

Even if you grab your potential clients’ attention with a popping design, they won’t want to wade through long, dense paragraphs. People want to get to the point — and fast. Choose what is necessary and eliminate the unnecessary part of the information. The content has to be refined and clear. Don’t overload people with information that isn’t relevant to the product you want to sell them. Go straight to the point with the information you include in your brochure.

Contact Information | Brochure Design Inspiration

Keep your contact info at the bottom, not the top of the flyer. Save the most prominent spot for the headline. The last thing the reader sees, your business’ name and contact info, will be the thing to stay in their mind. Because a brochure is longer than a business card, it gives you the opportunity to provide contacts with more than your phone number and email address.

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Brochure Design Inspiration | 6 Surefire Ways To Add Sizzle

Call To Action | Brochure Design Inspiration

After you interest the potential client in what you sell, you have to take the next step: tell them what they have to do to get it. Don’t just assume they’ll look for your phone number and call or visit your website. Your call to action should make it easy and enticing for the reader to fulfill your goals for them—whether that means calling to set up an appointment, visiting your website, placing an order or subscribing to your newsletter.

Brochure Design Inspiration | Website Design –

Remember Your Brand | Brochure Design Inspiration

A brochure can often be an extension of your brand, so make sure to keep in mind the core brand values when designing your brochure. Remember your brand colors and fonts and how these are to be used. This will enable your clients to recognize the brochure, especially if you are at a conference or trade show. Why would you create something that looks totally different from your currently established branding and have it promote your business? Your brochure has to use the same color scheme with your logo as your branding guidelines state.

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