Build Customer Base | How To Protect Your Brand’s Most Important Asset (No, It’s Not Your Product)

Build Customer Base | How To Protect Your Brand’s Most...

Build Customer Base | Building your product is the easy part. The hard part is getting clients to find your store, site, or product. It’s a hard, never-ending challenge to build customer relationships, quite literally, one customer at a time. As a small business owner, you should always be on the lookout for new clients, and seeking methods to bring them to your door. If you are not consistently looking for opportunities to build your client base, your business could fall off of the growth track.

Build Customer Base | Website Design –

For those of you who have survived startup, and built successful companies, you may be wondering how to take the next step, and grow your business beyond its current status. Gaining new clients is one of the most difficult elements of running a business, so it is vital to retain and look after the ones you already have, and sell more to them, while at the same time still searching for new clients. Here are eight effective business tips to attract new, and retain existing clients.

Provide A Win-Win Situation | Build Customer Base

Bottom line is that everybody likes to win. When your company provides a win-win situation, the customer risk is very low, resulting in a positive experience. Add value! Built a great product. Be useful on social platforms. Post relevant information that will make your audience’s lives better. Solve their problem through your expertise, and share stories, or case studies that back up your information.

Know The Type Of Customer You Want | Build Customer Base

Who is your ideal client? What do they like, want, or need? Your customer base is not every human walking the Earth, so don’t try to appeal to everyone. This will only result in failure. Your marketing should focus on a specific group of people who are the right type to purchase your product or services, and give them a message they will relate to. To discover who your actual and potential clients are, you need to do some homework identifying your main market segments, and profiling them according to their interests. Then you can market accordingly in a much more focused, and cost effective way.

Build Customer Base | How To Protect Your Brand’s Most...

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Do More Face-To-Face Networking | Build Customer Base

It might be surprising, but old fashioned in-person networking still works well. Why? Because people prefer doing business with people they know. Join groups that represent your ideal clients. If you don’t have the money to join an association, offer to donate your services. Take advantage of social gatherings, committee appointments, membership meetings, and networking events. Your goal at any networking event should be to develop five quality contacts.

Improve Customer Service | Build Customer Base

Clients often look online to ask questions, or find information about your business. You should set up a frequently asked question page on your website, or even your voice-mail to answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions in a timely manner. Work on your customer service skills! This includes how you communicate with them, how you answer the phone, and how you present yourself and your business.

Craft A “Fan” Only Special | Build Customer Base

An exclusive promotion for people who visit your website to grab a special code for a discount, or free item makes them feel like they’ve won a prize. Promote it through your e-mail contacts and social media accounts with the purpose of building more website traffic. Create forums or Facebook groups where clients can share information and ideas. Create a community for them to be a part of. It all helps with the engagement and keeping them loyal to you.

Team Up | Build Customer Base

Partnering with a business that offers a different service, but appeals to your potential clients is the most effective way to expand your customer base. If you want to keep all the money to yourself, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot. You need to align with other businesses that already have lists of prospective customers. It’s the fastest way to success.

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Build Customer Base | How To Protect Your Brand’s Most...

Be Supportive | Build Customer Base

Being supportive doesn’t mean only answering questions and queries; though this is important. Make sure your brand has a very strong social presence that clients can count on. Stay connected with them. Engage with your potential clients, and build a solid relationship with them. The internet and social media marketing makes this extremely easy to do.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask | Build Customer Base

If you ask a happy customer to pass your name onto others, that is the best way of getting a qualified customers. The word of mouth from satisfied customers is a powerful tool and can save significant money spent on other forms of advertising.

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