Building Successful Brands | Is Your Company a Life-Long Partner, or a Short-Term Fling?

Building Successful Brands | Is Your Company a Life-Long...

Building Successful Brands | You’ve got a great product. Fair price. Rock-solid service. What’s the problem? You need a brand! Branding is one of the key aspects of a strong company when it comes to securing the goodwill and trust of your clients. With different social media outlets in play – as well as the traditional ways of getting customers’ attention – businesses have to be more tuned in to the image they’re projecting in order to be successful.We have a secret for you, though it’s hardly a revelation: most brands suck.

Building Successful Brands | Website Design –

Many small business owners think of branding as simply “the logo,” but a logo is just the beginning of a brand’s visual aspect. Importantly, a brand’s visual elements are only half of the story. Less tangible aspects such as corporate culture, how the executive team and even how employees act are all part of a brand’s DNA. While branding covers everything from customer touch points to visual appeal, there are typically five components that play the key role in branding success.

A good brand is different | Building Successful Brands

The best brands have something that makes them remarkable. Something that is different than everyone else. Something that makes them stand out. Great brands focus on innovation. They avoid becoming stagnant and complacent, and they never stop evolving. Think about what your top competitors are doing in terms of their own branding and how they are expressing themselves? Look for some core commonalities, but at the same time prepare to identify where you can innovate and differentiate.

Building Successful Brands | Is Your Company a Life-Long...

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A good brand is clear | Building Successful Brands

Truly remarkable brands are always the most focused. They know what they do and they focus on doing it well. Review the product or service your business offers, pinpoint the place in the industry it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your clients. Your brand should promote your business, connect with your potential client base and differentiate you in the market. Spend a full day thinking about how you want to be perceived in public. What is the emotional reaction you want your audience to have when engaging with your brand and what do you want them to remember?

A good brand is loved | Building Successful Brands

Nearly everyone prefers working with businesses that are people-oriented and actually care about their customers. Be that company by embodying a people-first stance in all that you and your employees do. Don’t dress up your offering and raise expectations that lead to broken promises; create trust with honest branding — be clear who your company is and be true to the values that drive it on a daily basis. Successful brands deliver their promise time after time after time.

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Building Successful Brands | Is Your Company a Life-Long...

A good brand is available | Building Successful Brands

The client is royalty, or so have said many of the key players in retail over the centuries, so the decision to place emphasis on customer service should be a no-brainer for most companies and brands. A richer, more aware customer service experience, though, is not something that every brand embraces. One of your branding goals should be to build long-term relationships with your clients. Brands that address a negative comment or situation with an explanation and, more importantly, a solution have the potential to save the relationship with that client. This is also an opportunity to crowdsource great ideas from the clients and put them into the brand.

Building Successful Brands | Website Design –

A good brand is consistent | Building Successful Brands

Your brand should always speak to your potential and existing clients with a consistent tone of voice. It will help reinforce the business’s character and clarify its offering, so clients are aware precisely what to expect from your product or service. This really goes without saying. Public relations, advertising, marketing, and sales are all extensions of branding, and they have to be coordinated and aligned. The copy, design and language your team uses must always be based off of your brand. Find people who capture the essence of your brand and use them consistently. However, don’t be obsessed with consistency, repeating the same message in the same way over and over again. Alternatively, aim to make your key messages work together to build a coherent identity.

You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure your own brand is built with these traits. The best brands don’t settle on their current level of success, and neither should you. The next move is up to you.

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