Business Branding Secrets | Real Secrets Of Brand Authenticity And Staying Competitive As A Small Business

Business Branding Secrets | Real Secrets Of Brand Authenticity And...

Business Branding Secrets | So you want to launch your own business? Great! You’re not the only one, though — countless small businesses are started every year, making it vitally important that your business stands out in the crowd. No matter how innovative your service or product is, you have to be able to make potential clients aware of it before you can turn it into a success. Marketing isn’t just about putting a sales message on a brochure or a leaflet and mailing it out to potential clients; marketing is about branding your small business so that potential clients have an idea of what it is that you’re all about.

Business Branding Secrets | Website Design –

Branding is often overlooked by small business owners, but even though you might think your resources are better spent somewhere else, we’re here to tell you that branding is a critical part of distinguishing yourself from your competition, growing a loyal client base and a helpful reference as you make business decisions down the road. What steps are you taking to brand your company name in a memorable way? It’s one thing to design a generic logo and to print your first set of business cards. But effectively building a business brand? That’s something entirely different. So, get smart about branding and you’ll quickly be on your way to making your brand a household name!

What Is Your Brand? | Business Branding Secrets

First, it’s important to understand that your brand is much more than just your logo, merchandising or products. It includes the visual elements of your business, but it also includes what you do, the way you do it, what your client interactions are like, the type of information you include in your marketing materials and share on social media. Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages. Your distribution channels are also part of your brand strategy.

Business Branding Secrets | Real Secrets Of Brand Authenticity And...

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Have A Value Proposition | Business Branding Secrets

Standing out means being different. If your brand is going to be strong, you have to be able to determine what it is that makes what you do unique. What differentiates you from others in your particular niche? Why should a potential client choose to do business with you? You can focus on product leadership and providing the best products in the marketplace, like Apple, operational excellence and having the most affordable prices in the marketplace, like Ikea, or even having the best customer service, like Virgin or Zappos.

Set Up An Appealing Website | Business Branding Secrets

It’s crucial you have various ways to communicate your message and style to your potential clients, so you have make sure you have both verbal and visual brand representations for your small business. If someone recommends your service, you can almost guarantee that they will go online to look for you. It’s not good enough to just have any website, you must set up an appealing website that reflects your brand image. If you’re known as a top notch photographer, the last thing you want is a website designed 10 years ago. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

Find Your Voice | Business Branding Secrets

What you say counts, sure, but don’t forget how you say it. Your brand’s voice is the language, tone, and personality you and your employees will use to communicate your branding message and engage your clients. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials when possible, both online and off. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal.

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Business Branding Secrets | Real Secrets Of Brand Authenticity And...

Be Consistent | Business Branding Secrets

To build and maintain a strong brand, every element of it should be as good as your product or service and you must be consistent in presenting your brand. Consistent, strategic branding leads to a strong brand identity, which means the added value brought to the products or services you’re providing that allows you to charge more for your brand than what identical, unbranded products command. Design templates and set up brand standards for all of your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout to ensure consistency and boost brand exposure.

Business Branding Secrets | Website Design –

Keep Your Promises | Business Branding Secrets

Happy clients that feel good about your services or products are your best source of referrals. Although this may sound like common sense, you’d be amazed how many small business owners ruin relationships with their existing clients by failing to keep their promises. Your clients will never return to you, or refer you to their friends and family, unless you deliver on your brand promise.

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