Business Card Design | Essentials of a Memorable Business Card

Business Card Design | Essentials of a Memorable Business Card...

Business Card Design | Within the first couple of seconds, your potential client is making a lasting impression about your business. A well-designed business card offers legitimacy to your business, and can make you stand out from the crowd of your competition. Business card can provide some powerful results in marketing your business, if you create it with great attention. Since your card will be present long after your meeting is over, think of your business cards as your powerful sales force; they need to present your company and your product exactly the way you would. With limited exceptions, it’s fairly easy to spot inexpensively made business card. When you choose to save money on your business cards, what message does that send to potential customers with whom you wish to do business?

Majority of businesses use business cards because it is a great help in extending one’s market.

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1. Elegance | Business Card Design

Make the look of your business card memorable. People love to see an original and elegant business cards. You need to put some effort in the design of the card and what color paper and texture will compliment the design the best. Simple combinations such as an off-white linen paper stock verses a bright white smooth paper stock will really impact the final product. Selecting appropriate fonts and font sizes is also a crucial factor because it impacts the legibility. It’s best to select a font that is still legible at a small size.

Business Card Design | Essentials of a Memorable Business Card...

2. Simplicity | Business Card Design

You need to try and keep your business card as simple as possible. Don’t use too many fonts or try to include too much information in it. Try to use an easy going layout and make sure that your main message doesn’t get lost. Don’t make your logo too large, don’t make the type too small to be easily read, and don’t be afraid to use white space. Use high contrast between the background and the fonts. Light background with dark fonts works better. After your logo, your name should be the largest element of information on your card.

3. Quality of Paper | Business Card Design

There’s a general rule here that you should pick thick stock. But since thickness will not make a big difference in some cases, you should think about your actual needs before making your choice to keep your costs low. If the card is not printed on a quality stock, potential customers may misjudge your business or the services you provide. Hence you should get the business card done on a quality paper. Cards printed on quality paper make a lasting first impression on those who receive them, whereas self-printed cards can often look cheap and unprofessional, and make people wonder about the quality of the products and services they will receive from the company.

4. Easy To Read | Business Card Design

You should use fonts that are bold enough to be easily readable. The color of the card and the font color need to be distinguishable. For cards with light background colors, have the information in dark color so that they are easy to recognize. Don’t use decorative or rarely seen fonts for your name and contact info, unless it corresponds with your business image. Use easy-to-read but not too common fonts and pay attention to alignment. Too much centered text can look messy and hard to read.

Business Card Design | Essentials of a Memorable Business Card...

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Make your business card look memorable so that it stands out even in a crowd of other business cards. Amongst other essential factors, you need to use high quality paper, bright colors and simple design in order to make your business card become one of a kind.

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