Business Card Design Made Simple | A Simple Guide To An Extraordinary Business Card!

Business Card Design Made Simple | A Simple Guide To An Extraordinar...

Business Card Design Made Simple | Business card is one of the quickest ways to exchange contact details with a potential client, employer, or a business partner. They aren’t battery powered, so they’re never off. They aren’t stored on a server or a cloud, so they’re never offline. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there, and business owners in general, choose not to invest in this deceptively small, yet incredibly powerful business tool.

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Imagine shooting a wedding or a reception. As the only photographer there, it’s your job to capture all the important moments – most of which aren’t staged and can’t be repeated. Now, imagine one of the guests asking you about the services you’re offering while you’re on your way to shoot the bride throwing the bouquet. Of course, you don’t want to be rude or lose a potential client. But you also don’t want to miss an important moment. Do you tell them to google you? Can you rely on an already tipsy guest to remember your name once they get home? Or do you scribble your phone number down on a napkin, hoping they’ll hang onto it for the rest of the evening? Or do you simply hand out your business card?

Master The Art Of Your First Impression | Business Card Design Made Simple

Exchanging business cards is the backbone of business etiquette around the world, but it’s a lot more than outdated relic of a long gone era. Think of your business cards as your foot soldiers – spreading the word about your business and raising brand awareness. Your potential clients may even forget the meeting you had – but they might stumble upon your business card in their wallet. This is the critical moment when they decide whether they call you to schedule a session or throw away your card. In other words, business card is the first impression in the world of business. Make sure you get yours right!

Business Card Design Made Simple | A Simple Guide To An Extraordinar...

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Cover The Basics | Business Card Design Made Simple

If you want to leave the right impression on your potential clients and business partners, you need to start off on the right foot – you need to give them what they need. The primary purpose of a business card is to provide people with your contact details, so make sure you cover the essentials. Your name and your phone number should definitely be there. You’ll also want to include the email address you check most often. Space permitting, you’ll also include your physical address, or your social media info if you don’t run a studio.

Reinforce Your Brand | Business Card Design Made Simple

In addition to providing your potential clients with your contact details, your business cards needs to reinforce your visual identity. This is why we advise our clients to create their brand guidelines every time we design business cards. Clearly define your color scheme, your brand’s fonts, and style of graphics in general. This way, you can make sure you keep the same look and feel throughout all your materials, both online and off. By using the same color scheme, you’ll ensure all your materials look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source.

Keep Things Simple | Business Card Design Made Simple

Keeping the design of your business card in line with the rest of your branded materials is a a great idea if you’re hoping to raise brand awareness. However, it will also help you make sure your business cards stand out even from the largest of piles. However, the last thing you want to happen is to have your business cards stand out for all the wrong reasons. First, limit the number of colors, fonts, and special effect you use for your cards, unless you want to overwhelm your potential clients. You’ll also want to limit the amount of information you include!

Ensure Readability | Business Card Design Made Simple

We get it, you want to include as much information as possible, but keep in mind that the space is rather limited on the average business cards, which means you need to narrow down your selection. Sure, you can shrink down the size of the text and include as much info as you want, but even though it might be readable on your computer screen, once you print the business card, the text will turn into illegible smudge. That’s why we advise our clients to keep the font size above 8 pts, especially for the more important pieces of info.

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Business Card Design Made Simple | A Simple Guide To An Extraordinar...

In addition to narrowing down your selection to the most important bits of info and using larger fonts, you should also pay attention to the colors and ensure there’s plenty of contrast between the content and the background. Avoid using busy backgrounds as they might end up overshadowing the content you’re trying to feature. It’s best to stick with simple backgrounds, such as white backgrounds and use black fonts for the text to ensure perfect readability.

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Invest In Good Paper | Business Card Design Made Simple

Once you’re sure you’ve got the design just right, do some research on the right paper stock. You see, even the most appealing design won’t do you much good if you cut corner on paper quality. What message will a business card that bends or gets torn easily send to your potential clients about the quality of the products you’re offering?

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