Business Card Design Tips | Crucial Tips for a Successful Business Card Design

Business Card Design Tips | Crucial Tips for a Successful Business...

Business Card Design Tips | When you’re introducing yourself and interacting with other businesses, administrations, and of course customers; you will find that in addition to yourself, your business card is the first impression any person gets of your business. No matter how technologically obsessed we become, there is still nothing as efficient as face-to-face contact. By meeting people and communicating to them you get to say a lot more about yourself and a great business card can speak volumes about its possessor. It does something that data can’t – it’s a touchable way of saying, ‘this is me’. A business card gives you the chance to pass your information without making a spectacle of it – and, simply passing your card is a proficient move that puts fiddling with your phone and searching to enter and save a new contact to shame. If you want your business card to work as hard as you do, follow the tips below and get prepared to see your small business reap the profits.

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Design Considerations | Business Card Design Tips

It’s best to try to steer clear of using borders on your business card designs at all. They may look good, but when the cards are cut, you will most probable have some ‘lop-sided’ ends. Make sure that your business card reflects your image. If you are an artist it is absolutely ok to use fashionable colors and fonts. The business card design itself must present both your contact information and brand fundamentals on a very small space. This can be achieved by making sure there is negative space on the card. Strive for distinction and balance. Dark against light, opposite colors and large elements juxtaposed with smaller ones create contrast which attracts interest. Keeping the weight of elements relatively distributed on the card creates stability and pleases the eye. A plain black and white design can be as impressive and striking as a colorful card – and can often be seen as more trendy too.

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Business Card Design Tips | Crucial Tips for a Successful Business...

Font Selection and Readability | Business Card Design Tips

You can chain at least two to three fonts maximum. If you overdo, it, it can be less clear and would even be heavy to the eyes. Use power fonts to highlight the focal point of the business card design. Is it the company name or the individual? Does the logo already use a power font, and can it be used for your business name? If people can’t easily read your business card, then the business card is insignificant. Keep in mind that business cards are often exchanged in cafeterias, taverns, and other poorly lighted places where readability becomes more of a problem. Make sure that you will be using the right font size so that it would be understandable. Your name has to be larger than the rest of the text so that it can be detected and would be easier to read. Do not use too many font styles.

Color | Business Card Design Tips

Your logo and your cards are often the first introduction a potential client has to your business, so they should send the right subliminal messages to inspire any potential customer to do business with you. Don’t make the mistake of choosing your favorite color without checking the subconscious messages of the color first. It might be a great color but just unsuitable for your business image. Business card colors serve a purpose and should not be chosen casually. It is a good rule of thumb to only use colors within your business brand palette, in order to keep the design clean and in line with your brand. Your use of color is one of the fundamentals that will set your business apart from others.

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Business Card Design Tips | Crucial Tips for a Successful Business...

Business Card Design Tips | Website Design –

Printing | Business Card Design Tips

Although some of the paper that you can buy to create your personal business cards is heavy enough to pass for an authentic business card, you will get far better results by having your business cards professionally typeset and printed. Paper with a heavier weight, particularly with rag bond edging or embossing will add that level of quality and feel you get from highest quality business cards. The paper stock is a measure of quality. Think about the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more luxurious – making your business seem more professional. Glossy cardstock is the business card paper to select if you are planning on printing a photo on your business card. You can also choose this paper for your business card if you want a shiny logo or simply a glossy card.

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