Business Card Etiquette | Business Card Etiquette Guidance that Will Expand your Network

Business Card Etiquette | Business Card Etiquette Guidance that...

Business Card Etiquette | All it takes is one wrong move to risk your professional image. At live networking occasions, where you only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression, you cannot afford to make the wrong move. Regardless of how trivial it may seem, the world first judges us on how we appear. Like anything in social circumstances, giving out business cards has its own set of etiquette. Etiquette is not about knowing which fork or knife to use. This is purely the surface of manners. True etiquette goes well beyond that. It’s an ultimate quality that comes from within and contains many aspects: kindness, understanding, courtesy—considerations for those who are around us. So how can you know what precisely you can and can’t do? Understanding business cards etiquette allows you to feel calm in your dealings with foreign friends, associates, customers or clients.

Knowing what to do and say in such occasions will help build trust and open lines of communication.

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Read the Card | Business Card Etiquette

How many people receive a card, and never worry to even take a glance at it; they just put it in their pocket. Take time to read the card and always make a comment about a card when you receive it. Note the logo, the business name or some other part of information. Make a point of studying any business card, observing it and clarifying information before putting it away. This places significance on the card. Your fellow networker took the time to make the card so take your time to read it. They many not catch it on a conscious level, but reading the card will improve your engagement and positively impact.

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Business Card Etiquette | Business Card Etiquette Guidance that...

Ask for Their Card | Business Card Etiquette

When asked for your business card, of course you should give to anyone who requests it, that’s good business card etiquette. But better than giving out your card to every person you meet and wish to contact again, ask for their card. This ensures that you are able to contact them as an alternative to waiting around for a call that may never come. If you don’t plan on contacting them then you shouldn’t ask for their card. Informal gatherings are one of the best times to network and exchange business cards. If the person you are speaking with seems interested in your product or service you signify, offer that person a business card.

Smooth Exchange | Business Card Etiquette

When you initially meet somebody, it’s ok to request a business card from them. However, if the person is of a higher position than yourself, you should wait for them to offer their card to you first. Remember if they want you to have a card, they will give you one. Present your business card with both hands, holding at the top corners so that the receiver can read it. Receive other people’s cards with both hands also.

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Business Card Etiquette | Business Card Etiquette Guidance that...

Business Card Etiquette | Website Design –

Follow-Up | Business Card Etiquette

The longer you wait, the less likely you are to follow-up, and the less likely you are to be remembered. Following up swiftly reflects on how you communicate professionally, and how you value their relationship. It’s important to follow up promptly after meeting with a short message that says something like, ‘It was nice to meet you at …” and also shows your desire to keep in touch.

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