Business Card Marketing Tips | Make Yourself More Marketable! Tips To Design Your Business Card And Make It Work For You

Business Card Marketing Tips | Make Yourself More Market...

Business Card Marketing Tips | Believe it or not, your business cards will often be how you are remembered. You probably already know that you absolutely have to have a business card for your business, but why? Your business card is a marketing foot soldier, presenting your business logo and (more importantly) your contact information to potential clients and business partners. Business card design is never as simple as copying and pasting your logo and contact information onto a document and sending it off to the printer. There are quite a few things to keep in mind when setting up your card – depending on your industry, your brand, and even the printing company.

Business Card Marketing Tips | Website Design –

A large percentage of business cards handed out end up in the trash can – everyone’s got a card and only a small number of them get kept. So, how can you make yours stand out? People usually think that a business card that can be created and printed on their home computer will be a good enough tool to get them noticed and remembered. Keep in mind, though, that a professionally designed card makes you and your business appear professional, while a homemade business card mostly gives the impression of an amateur taking a stab at running a business. You don’t want your first impression to be your last, so follow these business card design tips for getting on the fast track to stellar design.

Be Deliberate In Choosing The Information To Appear On Your Card | Business Card Marketing Tips

The main goal of a business card is to make it easy for people to reach you, so include only the contact information that is absolutely vital. You don’t have to include an endless list of services or every single mailing address if your business has multiple locations. There is a very limited space on a business card, so by limiting the amount of information, the overall design will be simpler and easier to read. From our experience, your name, the name of your business (via your logo), website, email address and phone number are crucial.

Business Card Marketing Tips | Make Yourself More Market...

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Add Color | Business Card Marketing Tips

Bright colors – when used correctly – can make a business card stand out, and look distinctive. This strategy is often used by design and creative businesses, with the goal of appearing fresh, exciting and original. Research has shown that cards designed in color are less likely to be thrown away, and more likely to be remembered. The bottom line is that your cards will look better and be more effective if you design them in color. Choose colors that match the nature of your business; for example, silver and royal blue are often associated with high-stature, and would be one appropriate combination when designing business cards for banks and investment firms.

Stick To The Standard Size | Business Card Marketing Tips

The typically business card size is 3.5” x 2” — meaning wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this size. There are things you can do to a 3.5″ x 2″ card to make it stand out from a pile, like rounded corners, for example, but going with an unusual shape can be tricky. A round card is really memorable, but it definitely won’t fit the average business card holder, and it may get tossed in the trash as a result, making you lose out on potential business.

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Business Card Marketing Tips | Make Yourself More Market...

Make It Readable | Business Card Marketing Tips

Remember, your goal isn’t to create a work of art. It’s to design a business card that clearly conveys what you do and how to contact you. If recipients can’t read the contact information, you’ll definitely lose a potential client. As a general rule of thumb, don’t use a font smaller than 8pt. Also, don’t forget about the font itself: keep it professional and simple – don’t be tempted to use Comic Sans, or a detailed calligraphic font which is impossible to read. Make sure the font color stands out against the background of the card as well. Light gray type on a white card makes it hard to read letters and numbers.

Business Card Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Paper Quality Can Make Or Break Your Business Card | Business Card Marketing Tips

Your business card may sometimes be the first impression people will have of your business. You don’t want to have cards that appear to be anything less than professional, so you have to consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more luxurious – making your business seem more professional. A business cards printed on thinner paper feel tacky and cheap. Just like a flimsy handshake doesn’t make a good impression; neither does a flimsy business card.

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