Business Card Paper Choice | How To Select the Finest Paper for your Business Card

Business Card Paper Choice | A business card is very important in any business or company. It is the easiest and cheapest standard of advertising a business or company. Any company that is serious in building a first-class customer base has to make an exceptionally good, eye catching and message conveying business card. Choosing the right paper for a business card can be a difficult task. When it comes to business cards, the choices seem infinite, but that should be seen as a positive–not a negative. Choosing cheap paper stock cheapens the reflection of your business. Consider the impression that it makes on you when somebody hands you an insubstantial business card. It isn’t memorable nor impressive.

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Matte | Business Card Paper Choice

Matte stocks are one of the most often chosen papers for business cards offering smooth, non-shiny finishes. Matte stocks come in a wide range of colors but are most usually found in whites, creams, beiges and tans. Matte cardstock features a silky and even surface but not shiny like the glossy business card paper. Matte paper is not very reflective and isn’t shimmering, but it is easy to view in all lighting conditions and it is ideal for anything where readability is essential.

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Business Card Paper Choice | How To Select the Finest Paper...

Glossy | Business Card Paper Choice

A glossy stock card has a type of covering ,that gives it a shiny finish. And the shiny finish reflect bright colors more. So this type of stock paper is better used on a business cards that have pictures and imagery. Glossy paper is highly reflective and is wonderful to retain detail and saturation. This type of finish is great for high definition printing. The advantage of using glossy stocks is in the prolonged existence of the business card; the aqueous coating protects the card from common issues like water damage and tearing.

Textured | Business Card Paper Choice

There is a variety of textured papers available that you might want to consider, especially if your card’s design calls for some textural element. Textured card stocks can come in both matte and glossy stocks. Textured stocks have patterns hard-pressed into the stock to give them a certain feel, like natural fiber, dots or hounds tooth. Textured stocks come in a wide assortment of colors and are often used by businesses seeking a perceptible dimension to their card. Textured business card paper will really make your business card stand out and be unique. This paper truly appeals to the touch and when you hand out your business card to your clients they are sure to be tempted to give your business card a feel or two.

Regular | Business Card Paper Choice

Regular cardstock is just as it sounds, the usual undistinguished cardstock. It is typically the cheapest and most used for business cards especially at bulk replication companies. It comes with no unique design or unusual finish. It’s just an ordinary stock card, that just portrays the information on the business card.

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Business Card Paper Choice | How To Select the Finest Paper...

Business Card Paper Choice | Website Design –

Make people want to stare at your business card and hold onto them. It shows who you are and it’s a crucial piece of your marketing endorsement. The type of paper you choose can help illustrate the image of your business. When choosing your business card paper, consider whether you want it to synchronize with your other stationary. Functional business sets are synchronized in design as well as paper type.

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