Business Cards Design Inspiration | How to Design the Best Business Card

Business Cards Design Inspiration | How to Design the Best Business...

Business Cards Design Inspiration | Well-linked business people never leave home without a stack of well-designed business cards in their wallet, but what precisely constitutes an effective business card design? No matter how you use your business card, it won’t be an efficient marketing method that it should be unless it looks proficient, is straightforward, and helps clients and prospects memorize what you sell and why they should buy it from you. In an age of social media and interconnectivity of people through smartphones, it is easy to think you are always linked or can easily reach others through the internet. However, a website address or a person’s LinkedIn account is simply lost in translation if a person does not have something concrete to remind them to reconnect after the meeting. So if you haven’t got a well-designed business card you can give out to prospective customers or collaborators, you’re missing out on a key marketing chance.

Business Cards Design Inspiration | Website Design –

Design | Business Cards Design Inspiration

The business card design itself must present both your contact information and brand fundamentals on a very small space. So it is best to keep the design clean and structured. This can be achieved by making sure there is negative space on the card. It’s best to try to steer clear of using borders on your business card designs at all. They may look good, but when the cards are cut, you will most probable have some ‘lop-sided’ ends. Make sure that your business card reflects your image. If you are an artist it is absolutely ok to use fashionable colors and fonts. Strive for distinction and balance. Dark against light, opposite colors and large elements juxtaposed with smaller ones create contrast which attracts interest. Keeping the weight of elements relatively distributed on the card creates stability and pleases the eye. A plain black and white design can be as impressive and striking as a colorful card – and can often be seen as more trendy too.

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Business Cards Design Inspiration | How to Design the Best Business...

Font Choice and Readability | Business Cards Design Inspiration

Make sure that you will be using the right font size so that it would be understandable. Your name has to be larger than the rest of the text so that it can be detected and would be easier to read. Do not use too many font styles. You can chain at least two to three fonts. If you overdo, it, it can be less clear and would even be heavy to the eyes. Use power fonts to highlight the focal point of the business card design. Is it the company name or the individual? Does the logo already use a power font, and can it be used for the company name? If people can’t easily read your business card, then the business card is insignificant. Keep in mind that business cards are often exchanged in cafeterias, taverns, and other poorly lighted places where readability becomes more of a problem.

Branding | Business Cards Design Inspiration

Your brand is your uniqueness, so any business stationery, along with your product packaging should reflect a cohesive image and branding. Color is the best way to achieve and improve this as it is such a strong visual medium. It’s wise to keep your business cards in line with the rest of your company’s branding so if you have business colors, use them. Think about your fonts as well. If you already use flyers, a website, direct-mail postcards and other marketing materials, what fonts you’re using? If you have a good marketing campaign, chances are the same fonts and colors are being used across all of these materials to boost brand recognition. You don’t want the business card to stray from this, so see if the fonts and colors on pre-existing marketing resources will also work in the business card design. If they don’t, this would be a good occasion for you to create a consistent, branded marketing campaign.

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Business Cards Design Inspiration | How to Design the Best Business...

Business Cards Design Inspiration | Website Design –

Paper and Print Quality | Business Cards Design Inspiration

Your business card paper quality is a reflection of your business, product and service. If the card feels fragile or looks like you printed it yourself on a cheap printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a company that will vanish pretty soon. A glossy finish is good for photos, but it can be difficult to write on. Uncoated paper is more formal and can be matched to your company stationary; letterhead, envelopes, printed flyers and additional printed materials. Nothing is fairly like the feel of a high quality stock business card. They don’t rumple and fold like thinner counterparts and they make a nice first impression. Using a good stock can send the message that you care about quality.

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