Business Collateral Design | Is It Time To Update Your Marketing Collateral? 5 Tips To Get It Right

Business Collateral Design | Is It Time To Update Your Market

Business Collateral Design | Marketing collateral should boost your business. It should also familiarize clients with your products, services and the goals that your business has while simultaneously promoting these things. Even in the internet age, printed business materials – business cards, brochures, fliers, etc. – play a vital role in how people perceive you. They can make your company come across as a well-established enterprise, or an untrustworthy amateur startup – and that can be the difference between getting passed over or landing a new client.

Business Collateral Design | Website Design –

Branding a small business isn’t just about choosing colors and designing a logo. It is a coordinated effort to convey your brand’s values through every level of your business, from the workplace environment to the products that are created and through the services that are offered. Not surprisingly, it also trickles to the print collateral used to drum up clients. Whether you have already built an effective brand and are simply looking to have some marketing collateral built, or you are starting from the beginning, these tips will help you put your best foot forward.

Plan Multiple Projects Together | Business Collateral Design

You know you’re going to need business cards, brochures, maybe even booklets and signs. Working out the designs together, instead of taking them on one at a time, can have a positive effect on your results. It means you should not simply throw together any old business card design, send it off to the printers, and then worry about all the rest of your marketing materials later. While designing a business card, think in advance about whether the fonts you’re choosing, the color schemes, the logo, and the layout of the card will work well with other materials like flyers, brochures, and websites. It may be a wise idea to sketch out a number of these designs at once so that you can ensure the choices you make for one work for all.

Business Collateral Design | Is It Time To Update Your Market

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Revise Your Current Materials | Business Collateral Design

Regardless of what you might think, your current marketing materials have certain strong points. The simple elimination of the weak points that work to dissuade readers should be your goal, rather than revising and creating entirely new content from scratch. However, nothing screams “I don’t care!” louder than a website page containing a date from a year or two ago. Likewise, press releases can convey important and timely information about a business, but if you’re not generating enough regular news to warrant at least a bi-monthly release on your website, you might want to postpone this project until you can justify the existence of this attention-grabbing tool.

Use Quality Base Materials | Business Collateral Design

The type of paper you use, how quickly your website loads and even the quality of your recorded video all contribute to how well your clients respond to your marketing collateral. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you have to have the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible. Kick it up a notch by really putting some thought into the different types of materials that will be used in your digital print project. The paper on which business cards are printed tends to be thick card stock, while brochures are printed on thinner paper that is often coated.

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Business Collateral Design | Is It Time To Update Your Market

Use The Right Amount Of Graphics | Business Collateral Design

Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your audience on your materials. However, there is a certain balance of graphics that has to be observed in order to effectively do this. Don’t forget the basics. What’s the most important thing to get across in any piece of business collateral? Contact information! You may be surprised by how many people get caught up in the other parts of the design and forget this detail. Instead of using a complicated background, take advantage of that boring old white background and simple graphics to draw attention to what matters most. Clutter can make it more difficult to locate relevant information.

Business Collateral Design | Website Design –

Go Overboard With Repetition | Business Collateral Design

Many successful marketing campaigns have been unashamed about being redundant. Repeat design elements, colors and communication style across all of your marketing materials to reinforce the image of your brand. Your print marketing pieces should include your colors and your symbols. The fonts should match from the business cards to the brochures to the postcards (even your website!).

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