Business Growth Guide | Bigger, Faster, Stronger: 5 Tips To Grow Your Photography Business

Business Growth Guide | Bigger, Faster, Stronger: 5 Tips To...

Business Growth Guide | Artists, writers, photographers, developers, and pretty much anyone who starts a business to sell their creativity is an entrepreneur. However, running a business is such a different mental task than the creative art process that it is no wonder ordinary business tasks are relegated to a secondary or tertiary position. Whether you are a well-experienced and established photographer looking to grow your business or just starting out as a professional photographer, following a few key business tips can really give your business a boost.

Business Growth Guide | Website Design –

No matter how talented you are as a photographer, you have to take certain steps to attract new clients and grow your business. Understanding the best ways to market your business will make sure that you find and book clients that you love and that will help to grow your business. Here’s what you can do right now when it comes to marketing and growing your client base to build the photography business of your dreams.

Define Your Market And Channel | Business Growth Guide

Every business owner has to determine a target market and know how to reach their target audience, and photographers are no exception. Your target audience shouldn’t be a large group, because you can’t target everyone; the world is just too big and filled with too many types of people. Knowing your target market is much more practical. What your ideal clients like or what they do will lead you to them. Once you have your target audience figured out, then everything you do from that point will be to appeal to these people as potential clients. Find out where they are and get on their radar. This may be Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Business Growth Guide | Bigger, Faster, Stronger: 5 Tips To...

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Network Like There’s No Tomorrow | Business Growth Guide

Once you know your target audience, you should engage with them, which will inevitably result in more people seeing your work; not just online, but in person. Today, it’s all about networking. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how many photographers either don’t have business cards, or don’t give them out. Another great tip for pro photographers is to take a few pictures of the wedding location and send them to the owner, or send the pictures to the cake decorator, florist, or caterer. Making friends with these people by giving them professional pictures of their work for their portfolio will make them want to send potential clients your way.

Set Your Pricing Strategy | Business Growth Guide

Once you are able to define and drive your target audience to your business, the next critical business decision that has to be made is your pricing strategy. The most common mistake that photographers make is not knowing how to price their products and services. Sit down and determine out how much it costs you to be in business, and then how much you can add to that price without charging a price that is outside your client’s ballpark. If you feel you aren’t ready to charge the average market price, either take more time to grow your skill, or consider offering an introductory rate.

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Business Growth Guide | Bigger, Faster, Stronger: 5 Tips To...

Start A Blog | Business Growth Guide

Search engines, like Google, give higher rankings to quality content that is consistently and frequently updated. Google, which generates about 83% of overall search engine traffic, pays a lot of attention to quality of the writing, the depth of the topic, overall website traffic, how often you update, and the loading speed, to name just a few. This is why you should blog each session that you do. Your clients will spread the word and share your post on social media so friends and family can see the pictures, and it will boost your search engine rankings.

Business Growth Guide | Website Design –

Referrals Are Vital | Business Growth Guide

If you ask the most successful professional photographers in the industry what their best marketing tactic is, almost every single one of them will tell you that the greatest marketing channel for their photography business are referrals. This is your road to the promise land. If you are starting out or just want to grow your business, having a referral program will work wonders. Use this with your existing clients as well, but you can also select a few friends or acquaintances and see if they want to help you get the word out there about your business. Give clients a set of wallets with their order to use as referral cards. Pick your favorite picture from the session, and put your contact information on the back, for example.

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