Business Logo Design Basics | Create A Memorable Company Logo That Wows! Tips To Help You Kick Start Your Logo Design

Business Logo Design Basics | Create A Memorable Comp...

Business Logo Design Basics | Business owners love logos. And why not? If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, a memorable company logo is vitally important. A professionally designed business logo shouts to the world that you’ve arrived and are ready for some serious business. A well-designed logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, reinforce a brand identity, and provide the professional look of a successful business.

Business Logo Design Basics | Website Design –

The goal of a logo is instant recognition, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. The logo is one of the most recognizable elements of a company’s commercial brand, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images should be different from others in the same niche. Since your logo is an essential component of your brand and usually the first thing a client sees, designing one that appeals to your target audience has to be a top priority. In today’s post, we’ll first look at the basic principles of designing a logo and share some pro tips for finessing your process.

Be Unique And Clever | Business Logo Design Basics

A logo is what helps a business stand out from the crowd of its competitors, so it’s critical that the image is unique and memorable — something many brands struggle with. In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery — with logo design, however, this is not the case. Look what’s already out there and look for an opening for something new. Do your competitors use bold, conservative images, or flashy graphics and type? Think about how you want to differentiate your logo from those of your competition. What’s crucial here is to design something that you believe is different from anything already out there.

Business Logo Design Basics | Create A Memorable Comp...

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Understand The Brand | Business Logo Design Basics

Creating a logo is like peeling an onion. You have to get to the bottom layer and home in on who your target audience will be, and what you want your logo to convey about your business. Should it reinforce power, tradition, speed, flexibility, health, fun, or connectivity? Any of these attributes (and many others) can be the main message of a well-designed logo. While it is helpful to stay up to date on design trends, it’s more important to stay true to a brand’s overarching personality.

Keep It Simple | Business Logo Design Basics

The logo may look great on your business cards, but does it look just as nice on your social media profile pictures or your website? Keeping it simple is one of the best ideas when it comes to logo design. A logo has to be a graphic that is easy to remember, so don’t overwhelm your potential clients with a ton of information. It also has to be easy to print. A logo with lots of details will not translate well to smaller mediums like business cards. Effective logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overdrawn.

Don’t Follow Trends | Business Logo Design Basics

An effective logo should be timeless. Will yours stand the test of time? Will it still be just as relevant in 10, 20 or 50 years? However tempting it may be, clip art can be copied too easily. Not only will original design make a more impressive statement about your company, but it’ll set your business apart from others. Trends come and go, and when changing a pair of jeans is concerned, or purchasing a new dress, that’s fine, but when it comes to your brand identity, longevity is absolutely pivotal.

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Business Logo Design Basics | Create A Memorable Comp...

Make The Logo Readable | Business Logo Design Basics

The goal of creating a logo is to make your company or product name stick in the client’s mind. That can only happen if they can actually read it, easily, without squinting. How you “position” the logo should be appealing to your target audience. For example, a child-like font and color scheme would be ideal for a logo for a children’s toy store, but not as much for a law firm. Which style feels right for your brand? A flowing script, or a vintage schoolhouse font for a bridal shop logo? Solid bold sans serif, or edgy and grungy for a manufacturing company logo? Choose what fits and keep it clean.

Business Logo Design Basics | Website Design –

Find The Right Colors | Business Logo Design Basics

Bright and bold colors may attract someone’s attention, but could also come off brash; muted tones exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. Every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of communicating the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke. Depending on who your small business is marketing to, you’ll want to remember that as the population gets older, our eyes ca’t distinguish certain colors on top of similar colors. Make sure to balance and contrast colors especially when you are placing color on color.

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