Business Newsletter Design Tips | 6 Tips For Starting A Great Small Business Newsletter People Actually Read

Business Newsletter Design Tips | 6 Tips For Starting A Great Small...

Business Newsletter Design Tips | Newsletters are an effective way for businesses to keep in contact with potential and existing clients so they can tell them about the latest trends, news, products and services that might be of interest. They build confidence in your business, and they feel personal because they arrive in your client’s inbox, and create an ongoing relationship with them. The great thing about this emotional relationship is that newsletters can build a much stronger bond between prospects and a company than a website can.

Business Newsletter Design Tips | Website Design –

The content of a newsletter is extremely important when it comes to boosting sales and raising awareness; however, the design of a newsletter can be just as vitally important, particularly when it comes to your company image and the power of persuasion. From your subject line to the actual layout, your ability to engage your audience and create more leads will have just as much to do with the look and feel of your newsletter as what you actually have to say. The good news is that it’s not very hard to get started. We’ll walk you through the key points of setting up a newsletter.

Define Your Goals | Business Newsletter Design Tips

Every business has a different reason for sending out a newsletter. To make sure it accomplishes all the goals, start by clearly defining the objectives before you do anything else. Guess how long the average person spends reading a newsletter? 51 seconds! Don’t let that get you down though – attention spans are spread thin, but there’s still a way to get the results you want. If, for example, you want your newsletter to inform your clients of sales on specific items, you will want an image-heavy design with very little copy. If you’re trying to position yourself as an expert in your particular niche, you’ll want a text heavy newsletter with information articles and tips.

Business Newsletter Design Tips | 6 Tips For Starting A Great Small...

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Be Unique | Business Newsletter Design Tips

Take a look at your competition’s newsletter, if you can, and see what others in your industry are doing. You might get a few ideas you can use to improve your own newsletter. However, while there are certain best practices you will want to make sure you’re following, you need to look what already out there and find an opening for something new in order to stand out in an inbox full of other newsletters. The newsletter is a mix of conformity and creativity. Make sure yours conform to the industry standards, add a splash of creativity and personality, and you’ll be on your way to setting up a compelling newsletter that aids in the quest for return on investment.

Let Your Logo Dictate Color Scheme | Business Newsletter Design Tips

To be visually appealing, your newsletter has to have a color scheme. And since your logo will be a part of the header, consider using those colors throughout your email newsletter. However, don’t color your main body text a fancy color – stick with black because it has the highest contrast with bright backgrounds. Make sure you leave plenty of white space around important page elements so the newsletter is easy to read and follow.

Use Imagery | Business Newsletter Design Tips

A well-designed email will have a good balance of text and images. When a potential client opens your email, they will be immediately drawn to the imagery. Try adding a collage to your newsletter design, but try not to go overboard – too many pictures will weaken the content. Other than a collage, one or two pictures related to your service or product per page are plenty. By doing this, you will pull the reader in while reinforcing the important points at the same time.

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Business Newsletter Design Tips | 6 Tips For Starting A Great Small...

Formatting Matters | Business Newsletter Design Tips

You can have the best content in the world, but if it’s impossible to quickly and easily scan there’s a pretty good chance nobody’s ever going to actually read it. Some people do not like reading long articles or big blocks of texts. Make it simple for them to go through your newsletter by highlighting (bold or italicize) vital information, using subheadings, bullet points, as well as short sentences and paragraphs.

Business Newsletter Design Tips | Website Design –

Include Social Media Buttons | Business Newsletter Design Tips

This is an easy and obvious one. Always include links to your LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter pages. For your subscribers that don’t think a monthly newsletter is enough for them, a closer attachment to your business through a social media platform could be the perfect solution.

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