Business Stationery Inspiration | How To Create Eye-Catching Business Stationery: 6 Pro Tips

Business Stationery Inspiration | How To Create Eye-Catching Business

Business Stationery Inspiration | Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used simply to provide your potential clients with the basic information about yourself and your company. Your business stationery will be used for various purposes and will oftentimes be the initial introduction of your company, or it could be used to reinforce your brand identity. Regardless of how you use your business stationery, it’s vitally important that you make sure it’s appealing and effective.

Business Stationery Inspiration | Website Design –

Effective stationery design can add authority to the business letter you’re sending out, whether you have written a standard business letter or a sales letter. To create this effect however, you have to consider each and every element of your business stationery design. From the letterhead to the quality of the paper, color scheme, and the layout – everything in your business stationery design matters if you’re trying to make the best first impression possible.

Include Relevant Contact Information | Business Stationery Inspiration

You will want your stationery to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In other words, you should have all of the important contact information – email address, phone numbers, website link – printed at the top of the paper so your potential clients can quickly access it. Adding social media information within your contact information is appropriate, provided that you don’t overdo it. Just stick with the basics, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Business Stationery Inspiration | How To Create Eye-Catching Business

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Reinforce Your Brand | Business Stationery Inspiration

One way or the other, you have to make sure that each item of stationery you create and send out is a clear and appropriate reflection and representation of your brand. Branding should be a top priority for most businesses, because it enables clients to build up recognition for your logo, and business in general. Consumers are always willing to do business with an established brand as their trust will be unfailing, so custom stationery items can not only help you build your brand but also act as a powerful marketing tool. It’s one thing to make a great line of stationery that’s both desirable and functional, but if only a few of the items make it clear who it is they came from, it’s quite the wasted investment.

Ensure Consistency | Business Stationery Inspiration

Custom business stationery can take a number of forms – from business cards and letterheads, to brochures, pens, mouse mats, mugs – and the list goes on and on. However, with every printed material there should be the same consistency throughout with the visual design, tying in your stationery with the same look and feel. In order to achieve this, it’s best to pay more attention to colors and fonts, while giving complex visuals and other such elements a backseat.

Make It Readable | Business Stationery Inspiration

While most of the business owners will try and stand out from the crowd with custom stationery designs, make sure that you are not using illegible or complicated fonts. A client will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can communicate information clearly and efficiently. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable.

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Business Stationery Inspiration | How To Create Eye-Catching Business

Paper Quality Is Key | Business Stationery Inspiration

At the end of the day, the very first impression you make won’t be through your logo, color scheme or design. It will be the feel of the paper as the potential client is removing your letter from its envelope. They will definitely notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and something more expensive. This small detail can be enough to change the perception of your business in the mind of a potential client. Think about it: if you create a flimsy and poorly designed piece of custom printing stationery – let’s say a brochure – your potential clients are likely to compare the quality of your brochure to the quality of the services you’re providing.

Business Stationery Inspiration | Website Design –

Include Plenty Of Clean Space | Business Stationery Inspiration

It may be tempting to throw the proverbial kitchen sink at your business stationery design and include every conceivable point of contact and the full list of your services. This is best avoided however as you risk drowning your message which is the reason you’re sending out the stationery to begin with! Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A stationery item, on the other hand, that is too busy will only distract clients from noticing the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo.

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