Business Stationery Tricks | Spice Up Your Business Stationery And Quickly Engage Your Potential Clients With These Simple Tips

Business Stationery Tricks | Spice Up Your Business Stationery And...

Business Stationery Tricks | The stationery items you use to reach your potential clients will oftentimes be the very first contact they have with your business, which means it will help them form an opinion of you, your business, and the service you’re providing. In other words, your stationery can be the critical difference between securing a potential sale and losing a client for life. Yet, you’d be amazed how many business owners decide not to invest in this vital communication tool, or decide to cut corners while looking for a designer.

Business Stationery Tricks | Website Design –

The average consumer is buried under an avalanche of printed and digital marketing materials, which means your stationery needs to be able to stand out from even the largest pile and grab the attention of your potential clients. However, there are some other things you need to keep in mind in addition to appealing design if you’re hoping to turn your business stationery into a powerful marketing tool. This is why we gathered the most important design tips we learned from more then a decade of working with business owners just like you on their stationery items. Let’s dive right in!

Convey Your Brand | Business Stationery Tricks

Business stationery is one of the most effective tools for building brand awareness. Your clients will hold onto your stationery items long after the meeting is over, which will not only boost brand exposure, but also help your existing and potential clients remember you better. However, in order to achieve this effect, you’ll need to ensure all the stationery items you use match your other branded materials.

Business Stationery Tricks | Spice Up Your Business Stationery And...

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This is best accomplished by clearly defining your branding guidelines – whether it’s a particular color scheme you plan to use throughout your materials, both online and off, or a specific typeface. You’ll also want to create slightly different versions of your logo to fit every stationery item you might need down the road, as well as your brand-oriented words to create a cohesive voice for your business that’s unique yours.

Less Is More | Business Stationery Tricks

“Keep it simple” is one of most important tips you’ll ever get, especially when it comes to business stationery design. At the end of the day, it is a delivery mechanism for your message, not the message itself, which is why you need to make sure it’s not cluttering the message and overwhelming the potential clients. This is why you should avoid using too many unnecessary design elements, and consider limiting the number of fonts and colors you use, as well as breaking up larger amounts of text into more digestible chunks by using plenty of white space. Using clear and simple design for your stationery items will help your message stand out and guide the attention of the reader to the most important elements.

Readability Is Paramount | Business Stationery Tricks

We touched upon limiting the number of fonts you use for your stationery items when , and a good rule of thumb is using 2-3 fonts, because using multiple fonts will make you stationery package appear inconsistent. Any more and your message might get lost as well, as the human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once. Even the most interesting stationery won’t do you much good unless the message can be effortlessly read, so you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the font selection as well.

If you have a complex calligraphic font you stumbled upon while browsing Pinterest, perhaps it’s not the best idea to use it for your stationery items. Sure, it might stand out and attract attention for a second, but instead of holding on to your stationery item and trying to read what it is that you have to say, your potential clients are more likely give up and throw away your stationery. And lastly, you’ll need to pay attention to the font colors. Using a light gray text on a white background, for example, will make reading difficult, which might make you stationery end up in trash as well.

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Business Stationery Tricks | Spice Up Your Business Stationery And...

Don’t Forget To Include Your Contact Details | Business Stationery Tricks

Each stationery item has a different purpose, and with that comes a slightly different design approach, which trickles down into the contact details you’ll need to include to ensure optimal effectiveness. You’ll need to choose the right details for each item, as some items might not be large enough to accommodate all the information. So, what’s most important? Your phone number and email address should definitely be there, as well as the logo and the name of your business. Space permitting, you’ll also want to consider including your website’s URL and social media profile links if you use those to market your services and engage with your potential clients on a regular basis.

Business Stationery Tricks | Website Design –

Paper Quality Is More Important Than You Think | Business Stationery Tricks

You might spend hours of your time crafting the perfect message for your letter to a customer, but they will start forming an impression of your business the moment they take the letter out of the envelope and feel the paper in their hands. No one likes a limp handshake, after all, so why would they like a limp business card or low quality paper that gets torn or dented easily? Thicker paper will leave an impression of an established and reliable business, which is why you’ll want to invest in the best paper for your printed stationery your budget allows.

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