Business Web Design | Your Website Is Boring! Here’s How To Fix It! Web Design Tips For Every Small Business Owner

Business Web Design | Your Website Is Boring! Here's How ...

Business Web Design | A professionally designed website is one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools a small business owner can have. Acting as a 24/7 online home, a well-designed small business website gives visitors information about the business, potential clients a place to purchase products, and a unique landing spot for links on social media. When visitors come to your website, they will make a decision within seconds whether to stick around, browse and buy or to move on to a competitor’s website. The secret is the right combination of relevant content and aesthetics.

Business Web Design | Website Design –

Even brick-and-mortar stores can benefit from a website that showcases their inventories and helps potential clients find their locations. Oftentimes, your homepage is the very first contact that clients have with your business, and if it doesn’t hook visitors quickly, you can miss out on hundreds of potential clients. However, setting up a great looking website that works for you doesn’t have to be complicated. There are few tricks of the trade to keep in mind when designing your website so your visitors keep coming back for more.

Keep Your Website Simple And Unique | Business Web Design

Your website needs to communicate your brand effectively to your potential clients when they visit your website for the first time. It has been proven time and time again – people don’t like websites that have too much clutter or require excessive clicking to find information. Much like a well-organized store, a clean and clear website design enables visitors to relax and enables them to find what they are looking for. Remember, the smaller a website is, the faster it will load. If there are images and videos that are not absolutely crucial to your content, but only clutter your website, delete them immediately.

Business Web Design | Your Website Is Boring! Here's How ...

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Make The Navigation Intuitive | Business Web Design

Although it’s a wise idea to keep your homepage simple, you’ll still have to include the links to relevant information. These tabs are a good place to start: about, product, news. Rather than challenging people’s expectations with an unusual navigation menu layout, it is probably better to stick to web standards for icons and navigation. Your visitors will thank you. Case study after case study has shown that making a website easier to navigate drastically improves its effectiveness. If potential clients can’t find your products, how are they supposed to purchase them?

Images Are Vital | Business Web Design

It is vitally important what images or pictures you showcase on your website. They must be clear, and must be appealing to those who might be interested in what you have to offer. Even a multi-million dollar resort will not look good if the photographs are amateurish. If you care about what you have to sell, then it´s worth investing in some professional imagery to show people what you have. Although it’s been said that an image is worth a thousand words, too many images can also confuse and diffuse attention. Pick a few good product shots and showcase those products on the homepage. You can feature your other products on interior pages.

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Business Web Design | Your Website Is Boring! Here's How ...

Embed A Blog Into Your Website | Business Web Design

Having lots of content is great – but if it is all three years old it´s not going to look like your website is much of a priority. The search engines actually track this. They check how often your website changes as they visit it for indexing, which is why keeping a blog or adding frequent news articles to your website generally boosts your website’s visibility. A blog enables you to publish content that is useful to your potential clients, and if this content is formatted for search engines and people access your blog through organic searches, the authority of your website will grow. This helps boost the authority and trust of your domain.

Business Web Design | Website Design –

Keep Readability In Mind | Business Web Design

Make sure your choice of font and font size are focused on readability rather than just visual appeal. Remember that people with different levels of vision impairment could be visiting your website, so try to be as inclusive as possible. Consider using larger font sizes for your content. As screen resolution has improved, many displays show smaller fonts in a too small size to be comfortably read. Take a look at some of your favorite websites and consider which font sizes you prefer for viewing/reading.

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