Common Marketing Collateral Questions | How To Design Marketing Collateral For Your Photography Business That Gets You Booked Solid?

Common Marketing Collateral Questions | How To Design Marketing Co...

Common Marketing Collateral Questions | Here at MediaNovak, we’ve been helping photographers and other entrepreneurs brand their business for well over a decade now, whether they needed a logo, a brand new website, or a complete marketing collateral package. Needless to say, we’ve been loving every second of it! Photographers are a part of one of the most creative industries out there, and it’s humbling, and inspiring at the same time, to help bring their incredibly creative ideas to life. Yet, as unique as every project might have been, all of them have quite a few things in common – most notably, the questions our clients, small business owners just like you, ask.

Common Marketing Collateral Questions | Website Design –

In spite of the recent move to everything digital, printed materials still play a major part in every serious marketing and business plan – and for good reason. Not only is print still effective at delivering the message, but it can also help you reinforce your brand, boost exposure, and leave a lasting impression on your potential and existing clients no email could ever make. And while many photographers have a pretty good idea of the benefits a good marketing collateral package can bring, they aren’t always sure how to go about designing their marketing collateral. To help you get the most out of your investment, we put together a list of the most common marketing collateral questions our clients asked throughout the years, so sit back, relax, and read on!

Just How Important Is A Logo In The Photography Industry? | Common Marketing Collateral Questions

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to photography brands revolves around one of the most important brand elements – the logo. Photographers tend to believe that their photos are the most accurate and powerful representation of their business, style, and business identity. And while this may be technically true, there’s one thing they often overlook – their work isn’t the first thing their potential clients see. It’s their logo! And since the potential client is likely to see your logo long before they get a chance to check out your work, you logo will affect their first impression and affect the way they perceive your work!

Common Marketing Collateral Questions | How To Design Marketing Co...

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Sure, you can find a cheap logo template online, but will this really save you any money? Remember, these templates usually have all the signs of amateur design, and even if you do stumble upon a half-decent logo template, chances are it’s already being used by countless other business owners, perhaps even some photographers in your area. Think about it – you’ll be featuring your logo on pretty much every piece of business stationery and marketing collateral, and the last thing you want is to have your potential clients mistake your logo and your materials for those of another photographer!

Which Items Will I Need? | Common Marketing Collateral Questions

You’d be amazed just how many photographers approach us to help them set up a stationery package without actually giving it any thought. While we’re more than happy to go through the marketing plan with our clients and put together a package that will support their strategy and help them achieve their goals, not all packages are created equal. Just like logo templates, you can find cheap stationery templates online. However, these are purposefully designed to be generic, so they could fit as many brands as possible. Inevitably, they fail to accurately represent any brand as a result, and they usually include items most photographers will never use.

Just like every photography business is different, so will every marketing strategy vary to some extent. As a result, a marketing collateral package that might do wonders for one photographer will fall flat and fail to provide the necessary support for your marketing strategy. There are certain items, however, that should be included in pretty much every package, namely a business card, a letterhead, and an envelope. Many photographers will also throw in a thank you note, a welcome card, and some sort of packaging.

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Common Marketing Collateral Questions | How To Design Marketing Co...

How To Ensure Consistency? | Common Marketing Collateral Questions

All of your materials can and should convey the essence of your brand, from your website and the colors, fonts and images you use to set it up, to your logo and the tone of voice you use on social media. Needless to say, this goes for all of your stationery items as well. You want your potential clients to recognize your brand whether they receive a letter from you on a personalized paper, get their photos on a custom USB, or find your business card in their old wallet, and the only way to do it is by clearly defining your branding guidelines.

Common Marketing Collateral Questions | Website Design –

Whenever we design a logo for a client, we make sure we put together style guide to help them turn their brand into a visual experience to remember. Once we finish designing the logo, we look for elements our clients can potentially use for other brand items as well, such as the colors we used for their logo, the style of graphics, and even the fonts. This way, they will have a much better idea how to create a marketing collateral package that conveys the nature of their brand, and the exact elements that will help them do just that! It’s been often said that in order to remember a logo, people have to see it five to seven times, and every time you use inconsistent branding, you’re not only missing a chance to engage your ideal clients, but you’re risking confusing and alienating them.

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