Company Stationery Design Tips | Everything You Need To Know About Designing Business Stationery – Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

Company Stationery Design Tips | Everything You Need To Know About ...

Company Stationery Design Tips | Business stationery is a vitally important marketing tool for your business. Not only does it fulfill a practical need by providing potential clients with your company’s name, address, and other contact details, it also enables you to reinforce your brand in a professional and appealing way. Professionally designed stationery can give your business an air of professionalism and credibility, as well as provide uniformity throughout all of your communications.

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When you design business stationery, it is essential you remember that you are not only designing stationery, you are designing the face and personality of your brand. If you could give yourself a new face, you would not just randomly mix any old combination of features, you would do it with expert care – this is exactly the sort of care you should apply to your stationery design as well. The look and feel of your letterhead, business cards, and compliment slips is important, as they can tell your potential clients a lot about your business. So what are the key dos and don’ts when designing and printing business stationery?

How Important Is A Logo? | Company Stationery Design Tips

When designing your custom stationery items, the most vital element will be your business logo. Your logo has to be able to convey your unique business identity and the nature of your brand. Having a strong logo also helps your potential clients differentiate your business from your competitors, which can make or break your business. This is true for businesses both big and small. As with other elements of your business identity, your logo should be applied consistently in everything from your website, signage and possibly staff uniforms to business stationery, brochures, price tags and labels.

Company Stationery Design Tips | Everything You Need To Know About ...

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Reflect Your Branding | Company Stationery Design Tips

Your branding strategy should be incorporated into your stationery design so that both existing and potential clients know it’s your business and understand what you are all about. Take your time when choosing the colors, fonts, graphics, and imagery for your stationery items. All of these things should be aligned with your overall brand objectives and goals. Matching colors to your logo, for example, is a great idea to build a professional image and improve brand consistency.

Include Relevant Contact Information | Company Stationery Design Tips

If you want your business stationery to be effective then you have to include your contact information, including your company name and address, phone number, email, fax as well as any other details you think are important for your existing and potential clients to know. Figure out what the critical pieces of information your letterhead should convey are, and design each item using this hierarchy of importance so that the crucial information is featured obviously and accessibly, while less important information can be reduced in size and tucked away in a less obtrusive part of the stationery design.

Make It Easy To Read | Company Stationery Design Tips

Remember that any information featured on your stationery should be in fonts and colors that are easy to read. In other words, choosing font styles and colors that are easy to read is a necessity that can make or break your stationery. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts will keep the overall style consistent and the text readable.

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Company Stationery Design Tips | Everything You Need To Know About ...

Keep It Simple | Company Stationery Design Tips

One of the most important principles behind designing effective business stationery is to keep the design as simple as possible. Keep in mind that your stationery items are a delivery mechanism – your stationery is not the content itself, rather the supporting structure that delivers that content. A busy design will only distract potential clients and detract from the message and the important details so remember to include plenty of white space to help your message stand out.

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Use High Quality Materials | Company Stationery Design Tips

It’s essential you use only the best paper and other materials your budget allows for your professional correspondence. A client will definitely feel the difference between standard photocopy paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper stocks. This small detail can be enough to affect the perception of your company in the mind of your prospects. There’s something luxurious about the feel of a thick, textured piece of paper. If you want to emphasize that your business is high-end or artisan, a quality cotton paper stock will help reinforce those brand traits.

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