Complete Logo Design Guide | Logo Design Made Simple: 6 Rules To Follow When Designing Your Logo

Complete Logo Design Guide | Logo Design Made Simple: 6 Rules To ...

Complete Logo Design Guide | A quality logo effortlessly communicates the nature and philosophy of your business. After all, the logo is the first thing that pops into mind when people think of certain brands. The moment you hear “Nike,” for example, the swoosh is the first thing that comes to your mind. It’s a symbol you’ll remember more clearly than any pair of shoes you ever owned, which proves that logos are extremely powerful branding tools for businesses – both big and small.

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Unfortunately, for most small businesses, logo design is often the most overlooked element of marketing. Choosing to invest in a professional logo is a vitally important decision for small businesses that are serious about their future. A unique look can give a potential client confidence in your service by making your business seem well-established and reliable. With a little thought and creativity, your logo can quickly and visually express many positive attributes and ensure recognizability of your business.

A Logo Is The Very First Impression People Get Of Your Company | Complete Logo Design Guide

Before a potential client even walks through your door, your logo is a representation of your business. It can make a company appear big, small (whether it really is or not) fun, serious, professional, and innovative, among other things. Ask yourself what you want your business logo says about you and the services you provide. Do you want it to emphasize power, speed, flexibility, tradition, health, fun, or innovation? Any of these attributes (as well as many others) can be the central message of an effective logo.

Complete Logo Design Guide | Logo Design Made Simple: 6 Rules To ...

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Less Is More | Complete Logo Design Guide

Small business logos have been described as the visual elevator pitch of a company’s products and services. The secret behind a successful logo design is to quickly communicate what you’re providing, your values and what sets you apart from competitors in a single glance. If you’re trying to grab the attention of potential clients and remind existing ones of your reach, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most iconic logos have been the simplest, after all.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color | Complete Logo Design Guide

Using color is a great idea if you want to stand out, but don’t overdo it. Too much color, too much clutter, as well as too much text can be distracting and off-putting. Too many colors won’t get you attention, it will only detract from the message you’re trying to convey. Sticking to two basic colors will also keep printing costs low. From business cards to apparel, you’ll print your logo on various items, and while your five-color logo may look stunning on a computer screen, once it comes time to printing it on stationery, the price won’t be so appealing. The more colors in the logo, the more expensive it is to print. Also, it won’t work in mediums that only allow one or two colors.

Use Vectors | Complete Logo Design Guide

A logo is your company’s public face, so it must be easily transferable to any material and medium that bears your brand — whether it’s a side of a vehicle, packaging, online ads, social media, or all of these. An effective logo is easily recognizable at a glance, both in color and in when the color is removed, and in any size. The trick to have a logo that works equally well on a thumbnail as it does on a billboard is to use vector graphics. Using geometric primitives such as lines, points, curves and shapes preserves an images’ integrity and resolution when enlarged or shrunk.

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Complete Logo Design Guide | Logo Design Made Simple: 6 Rules To ...

A Logo Needs To Be Original | Complete Logo Design Guide

The last thing you want from your business logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. So when considering logo design, it’s vitally important to keep it original. A cheap generic logo template will never be able to fully reflect your company’s values. Not only will original art leave a more impressive impression about your company, but it’ll set your business apart from others. Look at what’s out there and find an opening for something new.

Complete Logo Design Guide | Website Design –

Make Sure The Brand Behind The Logo Is Just As Strong | Complete Logo Design Guide

Some companies stop focusing on building great products and services when they become successful. This is a huge mistake. A logo, or indeed any kind of brand marketing, is wasted money unless you’ve got a product that people want and have developed a channel to sell that product to those people. Even a strong brand will suffer when it creates average or below average products or services. If you don’t have the basics in place, you’ve got no business twiddling around with logos.

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