Contemporary Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card For A 21st Century Business Owner

Contemporary Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card For A ...

Contemporary Business Cards | Many business owners no longer carry around business cards, which is a huge mistake. While many will argue that a business card is just a reminder of a long-gone era, there’s still so much left to be said about this small piece of paper. Just because the way we use them might have changed, it doesn’t mean they’re any less useful.

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You hand out your business cards to your existing and potential clients, business partners after the meeting is over, and you slip them into the envelopes and presentation folders to provide people with the most important contact information. However, it doesn’t matter how you use your business card, it will never be the effective tool it could be unless it’s up to the standards of the products and services you’re providing and up to date with the latest trends. Luckily, we have everything you need to know in one place!

Be Deliberate With The Information You Display | Contemporary Business Cards

As we mentioned before, just because we live in a digital era, it doesn’t mean that the good old printed business card is dead. It did evolve, however, and we’ve been seeing a slow shift towards the online world. For example, many business owners decide to skip their physical address, especially if their businesses have more locations, in favor of information such as their business website’s URL and links to their social media profiles.

Contemporary Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card For A ...

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In addition to your website, what are some of the most important details you absolutely have to include? Your name definitely should be on your business card, as well as your phone number and your email address, alongside the name of your business and your company’s logo. Be careful, though, because there’s a limited space on your business cards, and you need to find a way to provide the recipients with enough information, without making the business card appeal cluttered.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Simplicity | Contemporary Business Cards

We’ve all heard people say that less is more and that we should keep it simple, but how many business owners actually follow this piece of advice when it comes to design? Well-organized content on a business card that offers plenty of white space will not only be easy to read, but will actually be a lot more visually appealing.

Say It With Color! | Contemporary Business Cards

The easiest way to make your business card stand out from a pile on a potential client’s desk is to use colors – they can instantly grab the attention of your potential clients, guide their attention to the most important areas of the card, and they can also say a lot about the nature of your brand. However, there’s a lot to be said about the classic black-and-white business cards. When designed right, they can be just as effective and elegant, not to mention, a lot more affordable to print!

Readability Is Paramount | Contemporary Business Cards

You want your business card to stand out, and especially if you’re a part of a creative industry, you want your business card to communicate not only your contact details, but your unique style as well. While this is a great idea, make sure it’s not at the expense of the readability. We all have that one calligraphic font that we absolutely love and want to use everywhere we can, but your business card is the last place you want to use intricate fonts that are difficult to read.

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Contemporary Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card For A ...

Not only do you have to pay attention to the fonts you’re using, but you’ll also want to make sure you’re using font sizes that are easy to read. As a rule of thumb, don’t ever go below 8pts, because your potential clients might end up throwing your business card in the trash instead of straining their eyes to read the information. And lastly, pay attention to the colors you use for the text – light gray fonts on a white background are pretty much illegible, which beats the entire purpose of the business cards.

Some Rules Aren’t Meant To Be Broken | Contemporary Business Cards

The average business card measures only 3.5 x 2 inches, but many business owners break this rule in order to stand out. However, there are certain drawbacks that you need to keep in mind – business card holders and wallets are made to accommodate this particular size, which means your potential clients might have a real problem storing your cards if they’re too large to fit into the wallets. Some will even give up and get rid of your business card as soon as the meeting is over.

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But Others Offer Some Leeway | Contemporary Business Cards

While it’s not the best idea to use both sides of your business card for important information, that doesn’t mean you should leave the back side completely empty. Try to place all the vital information on the front side so they’re accessible even when the card is stored in a business card holder, and use the back for something more visual and less important – like the list of the services you’re providing, an alternative version of your logo, a discount coupon, or even an image of your product or the building your offices are located in.

Blur The Line Between Print And Digital | Contemporary Business Cards

Just because the business card has been around for a long time, doesn’t mean you have to set up an exact replica of the business card your grandfather used; instead, consider including a QR code that will lead your clients to your website when scanned, or add your contact details to their phone book. QR codes are neat little designs that can be customized to match your brand’s overall look and feel, and they can add that extra punch to your card that turns it into an irreplaceable business tool!

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