Conversion Optimization Tips | Tips To Help You Build A Better Website That Converts Traffic Into Sales

Conversion Optimization Tips | Tips To Help You Build A ...

Conversion Optimization Tips | Of all of the tools in your marketing arsenal, your website is one of the most effective. A professionally designed website can be the critical difference that makes a visitor choose to stay, browse and buy instead of moving on to a competitor’s website. If you don’t have a website for your startup or small business, you are not alone, but you are in grave danger to fall further behind your competition.

Conversion Optimization Tips | Website Design –

Many small business owners struggle with the seemingly daunting task of managing their website. There always seems to be so much to do, yet no time to do it all (something we know all too well). Much like fashion, web design is always changing with trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to designing a website that will leave a professional impression, it’s always a good idea to keep everything up to date and on trend. So how do you make sure it’s designed to achieve its main goal — converting visitors to paying customers? This article will introduce you to quick tips for designing a great website.

The 5 Second Rule | Conversion Optimization Tips

Remember that you have just five seconds to explain your unique selling point to users when they land on your website. The back button is the most widely used command on the Internet. If you don’t instantly answer a visitor’s question or needs, they will click “back” and exit your website. You should keep one very important fact in mind: users typically read only 28% of the words during an average visit. Don’t overload your homepage with a lot of text and images. Consider the most vital content and images you want your visitors to see and get rid of everything else.

Conversion Optimization Tips | Tips To Help You Build A ...

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Call To Action | Conversion Optimization Tips

Look at any successful eCommerce or service provider website and you will see they include a prominent CTA, or a Call To Action. You never want to be vague in your call to action. Give your potential client explicit instructions on what exactly you want them to do. The most common calls to action are “Request a Quote,” “Buy Now,” and “Work With Us.” Place your call to action in the upper portion of your website, along with your phone number and/or email address if you want them to call or email you.

Keep It Fresh | Conversion Optimization Tips

Content is still king. You don’t want visitors to see outdated content and think your business isn’t active anymore, which could affect your revenues drastically. A blog enables your business to publish content that is useful specifically for your audience, and if this content is formatted for search engines and people access your blog through organic searches, the authority of your website will grow. This helps boost the authority and trust of your domain. Make sure your website shows that your business is up to date on industry trends and is actively engaged by consistently creating new content.

Go Responsive | Conversion Optimization Tips

Mobile devices are accounting for more web traffic than ever before. In fact, some businesses, like Facebook, have more people accessing their websites via a mobile device than a desktop computer. What is the point of a professional-looking website if it’s not professional-looking on mobile devices? In today’s world, zilch. Rather than designing a website for every device, a responsive website is designed to adapt to the browser size, making for a better user experience. And a better user experience typically means more time spent on your website and higher conversion rates.

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Conversion Optimization Tips | Tips To Help You Build A ...

Don’t Make Them Think | Conversion Optimization Tips

Keep in mind that when your potential clients visit your website, they’re usually looking for specific information. They’re rarely going to read entire pages – they’ll skim headlines and small portions of text and look at photos or graphics, but not all of them on the same page. User experience is the secret to any good web design. People should be able to navigate throughout your website without running into dead ends that cause them to leave your website. Your website’s layout should straightforward so that visitors can easily move from page to page.

Conversion Optimization Tips | Website Design –

Make It Readable | Conversion Optimization Tips

There is no reason to publish website copy in a tiny font. If a website isn’t easy to read, there’s no reason for your audience to stick around for the additional effort. Make sure your colors work together. For example: putting cream colored text on a white background will either leave your site visitors with a headache or make them give up and move on. Make sure your readers won’t need a magnifying glass to figure out your message, and don’t use too small fonts.

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