Creative Blog Design Tips | How To Design A Blog That Gets People To (Actually) Read Your Content

Creative Blog Design Tips | How To Design A Blog That Gets

Creative Blog Design Tips | The web, and in particular the blogger community, is a highly saturated place. With so many blogs out there, it’s crucial to make sure you know how to design a blog that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. And the essence of a brilliant blog starts with the design. For first-timers, or those who want to learn how to design more effective blogs, it is incredibly important that you come up with the right blog design before launching your blog.

Creative Blog Design Tips | Website Design –

Most people decide whether to stay on or leave a blog in the first few seconds. If you want your visitors to stick around longer and actually read your content, you need it to make a great first impression. Your website needs to be appealing, easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content. Blog design can be as simple as applying a free theme and installing a few widgets. However, if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out from the crowd, the first step is understanding the principles of great design. This article covers six design tips to help you improve the overall blog experience and, in turn, boost conversions.

First Impression Is Vital | Creative Blog Design Tips

Keep in mind that most websites that you stumble upon on the internet are designed mainly for VISUAL people. This goes to say that your blog has to be visually appealing to your online visitors. Over the years, Internet users have become pickier about the webpages they choose to go back to. Now it’s not enough to just have high-quality content. The way you present that content is just as crucial. When in doubt – subtract. Organize your content well, and try to avoid long blocks of text by breaking up your content into small but coherent units of information. Make it easy on your readers, and don’t let your blog get too cluttered.

Creative Blog Design Tips | How To Design A Blog That Gets

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Embrace White Space | Creative Blog Design Tips

You’ve all heard of it, but are you really using it appropriately? Giving elements ample breathing room makes a world of difference. White space can help you emphasize the important elements on a page and improve overall readability. Aside from effectively using padding and margins, the best way to actually use white space is to get rid of everything that doesn’t help your blog achieve its intended goals. Do you really need that tag cloud? No, you don’t. Nobody uses those.

Ensure Readability | Creative Blog Design Tips

When it comes to fonts, you need a heading, subheading and body copy font. Your main text font can then be customized by different weights or attributes, but keep these to a minimum as well. Sans serif fonts reign supreme online. Why? Well, the pixels of the computer screen actually break up the serifs, which makes fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman look fuzzy when at a small, body-text size. But sans serifs like Arial and Tahoma look crisp and clean.

Pay Attention To Colors | Creative Blog Design Tips

Colors are a powerful tool. They’re magnetic and draw attention. It’s a great rule of thumb to use a primary color, a shade of grey, and a color for your call-to-action throughout your blog. It’s best to choose colors that direct attention to the areas where you want the eye to go. A splash of color in the banner and little dabs of color here and there place visual guidelines of importance for your visitors to follow. Along with limiting your color scheme, your primary and call to action colors should also work well with each other. While clashing colors will definitely stand out, chances are, they will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

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Creative Blog Design Tips | How To Design A Blog That Gets

Encourage Engagement | Creative Blog Design Tips

The conversion goal for your blog isn’t only to convert visitors into subscribers, or subscribers into paying clients. You also want your visitors to share and spread your content throughout social media. Ask for feedback, respond to people’s contributions, build a community and be nice. People love to interact, so make sure you’re friendly and welcoming. Like everything else, it’s critical that you don’t overdo it. Add no more than two “Tweet This” links per article in order to avoid diluting your content. The more prevalent something is, the less visible it becomes.

Creative Blog Design Tips | Website Design –

Simplify Your Navigation | Creative Blog Design Tips

If your visitor wants to see posts from a particular date, would they know where to go? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Instead of having fifteen menu items in your navigation menu, consider using drop-down menus to help organize your menu options. Your navigation menu is one of the first things your visitors see, so get rid of the clutter, and don’t overwhelm your visitors with a trillion menu options at once.

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